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Cam Jackson

Cameron "Cam" Jackson is a Canadian politician. A Progressive Conservative, he was first elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in 1985, held the office of Member of Provincial Parliament for Burlington until his resignation on September 28, 2006 to run for mayor of Burlington in the 2006 election, he served as mayor from 2006 to 2010. Jackson was born in Ontario, his mother was Ukrainian Canadian. He was educated at McMaster University, although he left before graduating to take a job with the Ontario Conservative Party. Before entering politics, he was the Chief Executive Officer of the Metropolitan Hamilton Real Estate Board, worked for the Halton Housing Authority from 1975 to 1980. In 1996, he was named "Officer Brother of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem" by Canada's Governor-General, he served as a trustee on the Halton Public School Board for ten years. Jackson was elected for the riding of Burlington South in the provincial election of 1985, defeating Liberal candidate Doug Redfearn by about 4,500 votes.

He was a backbench supporter of the government of Frank Miller, defeated in the legislature shortly after the election. In late 1985, Jackson supported Alan Pope's unsuccessful bid to replace Miller as party leader. Jackson was nearly defeated in the provincial election of 1987, defeating Liberal Bill Priestner by 605 votes, he won by a much greater margin in the 1990 election. The Tories finished in third place in both instances, behind the Liberals and the New Democratic Party; the Progressive Conservatives returned to power in the 1995 provincial election, Jackson was re-elected in Burlington South with over 70% of the popular vote. He was made a Minister without Portfolio in the government of Mike Harris on June 26, 1995, with responsibility for the Workers Compensation Board. After a shuffle on August 16, 1996, he was given ministerial responsibility for Seniors, he was given a full portfolio on July 27, 1998, being made Ontario Minister of Long-Term Care and Seniors. Jackson was re-elected in the 1999 provincial election for the redistributed riding of Burlington.

On June 17, 1999, he was named Minister of Tourism. He was named Minister of Citizenship with responsibility for Seniors on February 8, 2001, but returned to the Tourism portfolio when Ernie Eves succeeded Mike Harris as Premier on April 15, 2002, he was forced to resign on October 2, 2002 due to a controversy over his practice of billing the government for steak dinners and hotel stays. Jackson did not appear in public for weeks and there was speculation that he would not run for re-election. Jackson was exonerated of all allegations before the next election, did retain his riding in the 2003 election while dozens of other Tory MPPs lost their seats. There had been speculation that Jackson would run to succeed Eves in the 2004 Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership election but in July, Jackson endorsed John Tory's candidacy for the position of party leader. On September 28, 2006, Jackson announced both his retirement from provincial politics and his candidacy for Mayor of Burlington, he was elected in the 2006 municipal election.

After just one term in office, he was defeated in the 2010 municipal election by Rick Goldring. Ontario Legislative Assembly parliamentary history

24 Hours of Love

24 Hours of Love was a special programming stunt that aired live on MTV2 starting on September 21, 2002. The official premise of the show was that rock star Courtney Love would do a live broadcast for 24 hours in a row, that she would be in full control of the programming on MTV2 for those hours. By 2002, longtime viewers of MTV2 were complaining that the channel was no longer airing obscure and lost music videos as it had done when it was still M2, the name given to the channel from 1996 to 1999. Instead, they noticed the channel began airing videos that had current pop success or were well-known retro videos from the 1980s and 1990s. Around this time, MTV2 had a number of hour-long specials, in which celebrity guests were interviewed by a VJ and were able to pick what was described as their favorite videos. However, many of the videos chosen were all in that month's current video rotation, leading some viewers to suspect that the guests were only given a short list of videos they could choose from as opposed to any video in MTV's library.

The 24 Hours of Love special added to the suspicion among these viewers. This time, it was promoted that a celebrity was to be given full control of the channel for a 24-hour period to air anything she wanted. However, in reality, Love would discover it was difficult to air music videos that were not in rotation on MTV2. In addition, the show was broadcast live, Love was an over-the-top personality, unafraid to speak her mind and complain about the actions of the channel. In the days leading up to the event, MTV2 insisted; the official Viacom press release to the Associated Press read as follows: During the week before the broadcast, Love promoted the show. While appearing on the Howard Stern radio show, she stated that she would be airing any video she wanted and that she was interested in videos by female rock artists. In an interview for USA Today, she claimed that she would be airing the movies Performance and Times Square, she had mentioned bringing in clips from other movies. On Saturday, September 21, 2002, at 8 p.m. ET, 24 Hours of Love went on the air live with Courtney Love and a friend named Ursula.

At this time, Love again explained. However, the movies and movie clips were no longer mentioned. An unconfirmed account claims that Love was not told until before the broadcast that MTV2 did not have the rights to air those movies. Additionally, the film Performance had an X rating, which meant since MTV2 had low power television broadcast affiliates, it would have been unable to air that film without risking punishment with the FCC, the condemnation of the network's advertisers. Between the guests during the whole 24 hours, there were Albert Hammond, Jr. and Fabrizio Moretti from The Strokes, Ryan Adams and Eve, besides phone conversations with artists like Cameron Crowe and Michael Stipe. As the evening progressed, viewers at home saw Love introduce videos that faded out after a few seconds, replaced by regular rotation videos. While few of the women rocker videos she said would dominate the show aired, U2's "Electrical Storm" aired twice in a two-hour period. At the time, "Electrical Storm" was in heavy rotation on the channel.

About two hours into the broadcast, Love took a live phone call from friend and musician Moby, who informed her that the videos she was introducing were either not airing or were being cut off after a few seconds. Annoyed, Love demanded they re-air the videos. Less than an hour Love began apologizing, claiming that she was told MTV did not have most of the videos she wanted to air, that it had just been explained to her that the record labels had erased those videos, not realizing they would have any value years later. However, around that time, sister channel VH1 Classic aired some of the videos that Love said MTV2 no longer had in their possession. Sometimes when Love introduced a video, the wrong version would air, Love herself would cut it off and again apologize to the viewers. A third of the way through the broadcast, Love was irritated that few of the videos she had asked for were available, she began screaming that she wanted to see a video by the group Heart. After MTV2 told her hours earlier that they did not have any Heart videos a 1980s Heart video was found and aired.

From that moment forward, videos that Love wanted to see started airing, such as Traci Lords' "Fallen Angel". By dawn on Sunday, September 22, 2002, Love was too fatigued to check to see that the videos she chose were airing. After Love introduced a Samantha Fox video and it aired for a few seconds, Love interrupted it to apologize for airing it, subsequently asked MTV2 to air something else instead; some viewers who taped the show claimed that Love interrupting the video was not live at all, but taped hours earlier, was a clip of her interrupting a different video. From that point forward, only videos in MTV2's current rotation aired. Early Sunday morning, Love had to take a nap. Instead of continuing to air the special live as promised, MTV2 re-aired an MTV Unplugged episode with Nirvana, followed by edited highlights from moments earlier in the broadcast, mixed with current rotation videos that were edited into the show. By the afternoon, Love was in no mood to continue the special, she spent the last few hours nearly in tears on the couch.

She no longer challenged what videos aired. MTV2 Courtney Love 24 Hours of Foo

El Liberal

El Liberal was a Spanish liberal newspaper published in Madrid between 1879 and 1936. It was one of the leading papers of Spain under the Restoration. Between 1890 and 1906, El Liberal was edited by Miguel Moya, a leading Spanish journalist who would go on to preside the holding company and to found the Asociación de la Prensa de Madrid, which he would preside from 1895 to 1920. In 1901, its holding group, Sociedad Editorial de España known as "Grupo El Liberal" or the "Trust", decided to publish specific editions for Barcelona, Sevilla y Bilbao; the Bilbao edition would become prominent as a Republican paper, would shortly afterwards be bought up by its editor, Indalecio Prieto, who would go on to become a leading figure in Spanish politics, both as minister in successive governments of the Second Spanish Republic and as president of Spain's Socialist party, from 1935 to 1948. In 1913, El Liberal was the fourth best-selling newspaper in Madrid with a circulation of 115,000 copies; the same year its Bilbao edition had a circulation of 17,000 copies

2015 Norwegian local elections

Local elections were held in Norway on 14 September 2015. Voters elected representatives to municipal and county councils, which are responsible for education, public transport and elderly care, for the levy of certain taxes; the Labour Party became the largest party, gaining 33% of the vote, while the nationally governing Conservative and Progress parties suffered losses relative to their performances in the 2013 parliamentary and 2011 local elections. Term of office was 1 January 2016 until 31 December 2019; the results meant that the Conservatives were set to lose control of Norway's two most populous cities and Bergen. In Tromsø the Red Party garnered a record 14.4% of the votes. They formed a majority along with the Labour Party and the Socialist Left Party, chose to phase out the local parliamentary system. NRK: Valgresultater 2015

Philipp Jung

Philipp Jung was a German immigrant to the United States who became a prominent businessman in Wisconsin. Jung was born on December 23, 1845 in Dorn-Assenheim, Hesse-Darmstadt, which today is a part of Reichelsheim in Wetteraukreis, Germany, he immigrated to the United States in 1870, living first in New York and Cincinnati, settling in Milwaukee. Jung married Anna D. Best, daughter of the brewer Jacob Best, they had six children: Philipp Jr. Elizabeth, Helen and Ernst, he was buried at Calvary Cemetery in Milwaukee. After his arrival in the United States, Jung was employed by Rogge and Feigenhaln Brewing Company in New York, he worked as the maltster for the Foss and Bremer Brewing Company in Cincinnati. After moving to Milwaukee in 1873, Jung became second foreman for the Phillip Best Brewing Company first foreman, superintendent of the company's south side plant. In 1879, he left Best to form a partnership with Ernst Borchert, founding the Jung & Borchert Brewing Company. In 1888 this became the Falk, Jung & Borchert Brewing Company in one of the earliest mergers involving Milwaukee breweries.

The company became a rival to the Philip Best Brewery, operated by Frederick Pabst and became the Pabst Brewing Company. Jung was considered "an important factor both as a manufacturer of large quantities and as one who gave a distinctive quality to the goods sent out from his plant."In 1896, Jung purchased the Jacob Obermann Brewery at Fifth and Cherry Streets in Milwaukee, where he established The Jung Brewing Company. This firm grew and outlived its founder closing because of Prohibition. Falk and Borchert Brewing Company print

Len Walker

Leonard Walker was an English footballer and manager. He is most notable for being manager of Aldershot Football Club from July 1981 until November 1984, June 1985 until 11 April 1991. Walker started his football career as a trainee with Middlesbrough. After a spell in non-league football with Spennymoor United he returned to the Football League with Newcastle United in May 1963. In July 1964, he moved to Hampshire to join Aldershot where he played for the next twelve seasons, making nearly 500 appearances in all competitions, he became the club's regular penalty taker. He was an ever-present in 1966–67, he captained the side, helped them win their first promotion from the Fourth Division in 1973. In August 1976, he returned to his native north-east with Darlington. After two years, he retired from playing and took over as manager in October 1978, his spell as manager at Darlington only lasted until the end of the 1978–79 season, when he lost his job, being replaced by Billy Elliott. In January 1981, he was appointed manager of Aldershot.

Apart from finishing one place outside of promotion in 1984, Walker achieved little of note during his first spell as manager, was sacked that year after the club's new owners decided to replace him with the higher-profile Ron Harris. Harris moved on at the end of that season however. During his second spell as manager, Aldershot achieved promotion from the Fourth Division in 1987 - only the second promotion in their Football League history, they spent two years in the Third Division before being relegated, but the board kept faith in Walker though Aldershot struggled back in the basement division and in 1990 only just avoided relegation to the Conference National. On 31 July 1990, Aldershot was wound up in the High Court due to six-figure debts that had rendered the club "hopelessly insolvent", it looked as though Walker and everyone else at the club would soon be without a job, but the club was rescued by 19-year-old property speculator Spencer Trethewy, Walker's job was saved. Walker moved to the role of General Manager on 11 April 1991 after 10 years as team manager, first team duties were taken over by new player-manager Brian Talbot.

Financial problems continued to plague the club and it went out of business on 25 March 1992. Walker had been on the club's payroll as General Manager to the end. Since he has done scouting work for various league clubs, Nottingham Forest amongst them. Alderhsot Fourth Division Play-off Final winner: 1986–87 Len Walker management career statistics at Soccerbase Aldershot manager profiles