Camp Columbia (Wacol)

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Old Wacol Military Barracks

Camp Columbia was a United States Army military camp located in Wacol, near Brisbane, built during World War II to accommodate American troops.[1] The Sixth US Army Headquarters was stationed there and it was an Officer Candidate School from 1942 to 1945, after World War II, it was used by the Australian military and then served as a migrant reception and training center.[2] The camp was then known as the "Wacol East Dependants Holding Camp for Displaced Persons",[1] the old Wacol Army Barracks had been converted into the Wacol Military Museum.[3]

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Coordinates: 27°34′59.86″S 152°56′12.78″E / 27.5832944°S 152.9368833°E / -27.5832944; 152.9368833