Campsa (Macedonia)

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Hermes wearing Petasos. Coinage of Kapsa, Macedon, circa 400 BC
Kapsa is located in Greece
Location of Kapsa

Campsa or Kampsa (Ancient Greek: Κάμψα) was an ancient Greek polis (city-state) in the Chalcidice, ancient Macedonia. It is cited by Herodotus as one of the cities - together with Lipaxus, Combreia, Lisaea, Gigonus, Smila, Aeneia - located in the vicinity of the Thermaic Gulf, in a region called Crusis near the peninsula of Pallene where Xerxes recruited troops in his expedition of the year 480 BCE against Greece.[1]

Other names borne by the city were Scapsa or Skapsa (Σκάψα), under which name it appears on Athenian tribute lists from 452/1 BCE,[2] and Capsa or Kapsa (Κάψα).[3] The city was a member of the Chalcidian League.[2]

Coinage of Kapsa, Macedon, circa 400 BC.

Its site is unlocated,[3] but is sometimes considered to be near the silver mines 12 miles E-S-E of Thessaloniki.[4][5]


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