Can-Am Indoor Football League

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Can-Am Indoor Football League
Sport Indoor football
Founded 2016
Inaugural season 2017
Ceased 2017
President Tim Viens
Countries United States, Canada
Vermont Bucks
Official website

The Can-Am Indoor Football League was an indoor American football league that played one season in 2017, its teams were based primarily in the Northeastern United States, with one team in Southern Ontario, Canada.


The league's lone season experienced wide inconsistency, the Buffalo Blitz and Ontario-Niagara Spartans were both run by owners of established semi-professional teams (the Buffalo Gladiators and Steel City Patriots, respectively) and, along with the Rochester Kings and Vermont Bucks (whose owner, Tim Viens, serves as league president), played more or less full schedules. The rest of the league's teams had limited schedules of four games or less, mostly limited to road games, the league was also noted to have multiple teams under the same ownership group; the Blitz also owned the Niagara Falls Thunder, and the Bucks also owned the Boston Blaze.

For the 2018 season, the league is slated to merge with Arena Pro Football to form the American Arena League (AAL).[1]

The Rochester Kings finished their season undefeated with the Vermont Bucks and Boston Blaze each losing one game (Vermont lost to Boston, and Boston to Rochester), the Kings announced they were to host the Buffalo Blitz in the Western Division championship on June 3. The Bucks were to host the Boston Blaze in the Eastern Division championship. However, the Bucks later announced they were facing the independent and semi-professional Central Penn Chargers in their postseason game and the Chargers announced they would be joining the AAL in 2018,[2] the Kings defeated the Blitz 64–12 and the Bucks defeated the Chargers 46–6. The Bucks defeated the Kings in Rochester for the league championship on June 12 by a score of 61–41.


Eastern Division[edit]

Western Division[edit]

Former teams[edit]

  • Baltimore Lightning (Baltimore, Maryland) – Announced inaugural team but was replaced in-market by the Arena Football League's expansion Baltimore Brigade.[3]
  • Boston Blaze (traveling team) – A second team owned by the owner of the Vermont Bucks; the Blaze played the second half of the season, even beating its parent club, before the owner closed the team down prior to the playoffs.
  • Cleveland Saints (Cleveland, Ohio) – Announced inaugural team, never played (the team had already folded two years prior)
  • Connecticut Chiefs (traveling team) - Played one game. Still listed as a league member, but two other games against Buffalo were never played.
  • Erie (Erie, Pennsylvania) – Announced and unnamed inaugural team, never played.
  • Lockport Lightning (Lockport, New York) — Announced inaugural team, folded after a joint tryout with Buffalo and Niagara Falls.
  • New Hampshire Brigade (John F. Kennedy Memorial Coliseum; Manchester, New Hampshire) – Announced inaugural team. The Brigade began play during the 2017 season but folded partway through due to travel problems, and all game results were scrubbed from the league record.
  • Niagara Falls Thunder (Hyde Park Sports Pavilion; Niagara Falls, New York) – Owned by the same owners as the Blitz; the Thunder played one game against the Blitz, then ceased operations.
  • Ontario Niagara Spartans (Fleming Arena; Beamsville, Ontario) – Played their first two away games, all while wearing the team's owners semi-professional Steel City Patriots' uniforms (the Blitz even listed the games on their official Web sites as being against the Patriots, not the Spartans). Expelled from the league some time after the April 22 contest, with all wins vacated and the April 29 contest declared a forfeiture.
  • Reading Raptors (Reading, Pennsylvania) – Announced inaugural team, remained a semi-professional team in the Major Indoor Football League and did not join the Can-Am.
  • Toronto Mounties (Toronto, Ontario) - An all-gay traveling team included on an early draft of the Buffalo Blitz's schedule.


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