Canal+ is a French premium television channel launched in 1984. It is 100 % owned by the Canal + Group; the channel broadcasts several kinds of programming encrypted. Unencrypted programming can be viewed free of charge on satellite on Canal + Clair. Canal+ is a supporter of the Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV initiative, which promotes and establishes an open European standard for hybrid set-top boxes for the reception of broadcast TV and broadband multimedia applications with a single user interface. Since November 2017, Canal+ began to expand their catalogue internationally through the international feed, Canal+ International. After the announcement about the launch of the fourth French television channel, Canal+ started broadcasting on 4 November 1984. In 1986, the channel had one million subscribers, it has produced numerous films of auteurs, including David Lynch's The Straight Story, Mulholland Dr. and Inland Empire. From 2000 to 2002, Virginie Calmels successively held two positions, that of financial director and CEO.

With the launch of the digital satellite provider CanalSatellite on 27 April 1996, Canal+ received two new sister channels: Canal+ Jaune and Canal+ Bleu. A fourth channel, called Canal+ Vert came along on 31 August 1998; the channels changed their names to Canal+ Confort, Canal+ Cinéma and Canal+ Sport on 1 November 2003. In September 2005, Canal+, Canal+ Cinéma and Canal+ Sport started broadcasting in the French digital terrestrial television network; the free-to-air parts of Canal+ had been broadcasting for a few months by then. In August 2008, Canal+ started broadcasting the encrypted parts of its main channel in high-definition in the terrestrial network. Canal+ announced plans to turn off the analogue terrestrial signals by 2010. An account of the rise of Canal+ and CanalSatellite, the establishment of the Canal+ Group as a major satellite broadcaster in Europe is given in the book, High Above, which tells the story of the foundation and development of the leading European satellite operator, Astra.

In February 2013, for €29 million per year, Canal+ bought the TV rights for the FIA Formula One World Championship. The same year, the group bought the rights to the English Premier League, the most watched football league in the world. In July 2014, the launch of a new pan-African TV channel - A+ - was announced. Based in Abidjan, it aims to become the leading television company in French-speaking Africa. In September 2015, Vincent Bolloré -Chairman of Vivendi- was appointed as chairman of Canal Plus, he aligned Canal +'s operations with Vivendi's. On November 15, 2017, Quebec cable system Videotron began carrying Canal+ International, marking it the first provider to carry the channel, it is the second attempt at making Canal+ available in Canada since the former paid Canal+ Canada channel on Dailymotion, launched in 2013. As of August 2018, Canal+ International is on U. S. satellite provider DirecTV in HD on channel 2010. Original French TV Shows: Les Guignols de l'info. American TV Shows: 24.

American animated TV Shows: American Dad!. American reality TV Shows: The Simple Life. Japanese animated TV Shows: Fullmetal Alchemist. British TV Shows: Skins. Irish/Canadian TV Shows: The Tudors. Canadian TV shows: Flashpoint. Canadian/French TV Shows: Donkey Kong Country French erotic TV series: X Femmes Italian TV Show: The Name of the Rose Les Chaînes Canal+ is the brand name used for all the Canal+-branded channels in France. Prior to 2008 it was called Canal+ Le Bouquet; as Canal+ was launched in new markets the brand has been used in several countries. When launching additional channels the channels were given colour-coded names, such as Canal+ Blue, Canal+ Green, Canal+ Yellow and Canal+ Red. Many of these subsidiaries have been sold and as of 2007, only the Spanish and Polish Canal+ were owned by French Canal+. Canal+ Spain, now known as #0. Launched in 1990 in Spain by Sogecable as an analogue pay channel, similar to the French and Polish version. In 2015 The largest Spanish telecommunications company Telefónica received the approved and closed the acquisition of Canal+, now renamed Movistar+.

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Petros S. Kokkalis

Petros S. Kokkalis is a Greek businessman and member of the European Parliament. Petros Kokkalis holds a B. A. from Hampshire College with a concentration in history. He earned his M. P. A. at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, where he serves as a member of the Dean's Alumni Leadership Council, he was the Vice-President and shareholder of Intracom Holdings, one of the largest multinational technology groups in South-Eastern Europe, the Vice-President and shareholder of Intralot S. A. a gaming technology supplier and lottery licensed operator. He was the Vice-President of the Greek football club Olympiacos, is the Vice-President of the Kokkalis Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes education and training and social welfare, medical research and information technology, athletics, both in Greece and abroad, he is Secretary General of Organization Earth, an environmental education NGO. He was elected as a Member of the European Parliament in the 2019 Euroelections with SYRIZA.

The Kokkalis Foundation Kokkalis Program on Southeastern and East-Central Europe, Harvard University

Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act

The Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act is Subtitle H of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010 and was an act of Congress signed into law by U. S. President Barack Obama on 28 October 2009; the law amended various provisions of the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act, passed in 1986 to centralize all previous federal laws concerning absentee voting for military and overseas voters. The overall purpose of the MOVE Act is to help military serving overseas and citizens who live abroad vote in U. S. elections more effectively. Most provisions apply to the November 2010 elections. A notable exception is the requirement that requires states to allow "a UOCAVA voter to enter his/her address or other information relevant to the local election jurisdiction and receive a list of all candidates for Federal office in that jurisdiction"; the current law has three core components: technology: the mandatory use of technology to transmit election materials to military and overseas voters, including the electronic delivery of blank ballots and electronic tracking systems.

The focus on technology in the transmission of ballots, is driven by previous experience where as much as one-fifth of the military and overseas voters were unable to return their ballots on time. While implementation of the act has been spotty, a report by the Overseas Vote Foundation released in January 2013 states that, "the MOVE Act has begun to shift overseas voting trends in a new and welcome direction."The Secretary of Defense is responsible for implementing the federal laws that cover the registration and voting of soldiers and government workers overseas while the Federal Voting Assistance Program administers the process of voting. Electronic voting by country § United States "Fact Sheet: Move Act". Department of Justice, Office of Public Affairs. 27 October 2010. Kevin J. Coleman. "Absentee Voting Act: Overview and Issues". "NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2010". U. S. Government Printing Office