Cape Espiritu Santo

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Cape Espiritu Santo
Magsasanga (16th century)
Northeast of the cape.png
View of Cape Espiritu Santo or the Northeastern tip of Samar island
Samar Island.png
Location  Philippines
Coordinates 12°32′06″N 125°11′20″E / 12.535°N 125.189°E / 12.535; 125.189
Offshore water bodies Pacific Ocean

Cape Espiritu Santo is the northeastern point of the Northern Samar and the northernmost point of Samar Island. It was named Cabo Espiritu Santo by early European explorers, since it was discovered on the Feast of the Holy Spirit.[1] It is also the first land sighted by the Spaniards when sailing from Nueva España, marks the end of their long sailing as they approaches the land and coast of the Ibabaw in the Philippines.


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