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Capricorn (astrology)

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Zodiac symbolFish–Goat Hybrid (Sea Goat)
Duration (tropical, western)December 22 – January 20 (2019, UT1)[1]
Zodiac elementEarth
Zodiac qualityCardinal
Sign rulerSaturn

Capricorn (♑) is the tenth astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from the constellation of Capricornus, the horned goat. It spans the 270–300th degree of the zodiac, corresponding to celestial longitude. Under the tropical zodiac, the sun transits this area from about December 22 to January 19 the following year,[2] and under the sidereal zodiac, the sun transits the constellation of Capricorn from approximately January 16 to February 16. In astrology, Capricorn is considered an earth sign, negative sign,[3][4] and one of the four cardinal signs. Capricorn is said to be ruled by the planet Saturn. In Vedic Astrology Capricorn was associated with the Crocodile but modern astrologers consider Capricorn as Sea goat. Its symbol is based on the Sumerians' primordial god of wisdom and waters, Enki,[5] with the head and upper body of a goat and the lower body and tail of a fish.[6] Later known as Ea in Akkadian and Babylonian mythology, Enki was the god of intelligence (gestú, literally "ear"), creation, crafts; magic; water, seawater and lakewater (a, aba, ab).[7]

Cultural significance[edit]

In India, the zodiac sign of Capricorn is celebrated as the Makara Sankranti festival.[8] The Indian astronomical calendar is not based on the western Gregorian or Julian date keeping system and makes no allowance for the precession of the equinoxes. Hence, the festival is celebrated on either of 14 or 15 January every year, when, as per the Indian astronomical calendar, the Sun enters the Capricorn sign.




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