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Carlos Padrós Rubió, also known as Carles Padrós Rubió (9 November 1870, in Barcelona – 30 December 1950, in Madrid) was a Spanish football pioneer and club President of Real Madrid.

He was a founding member of Real Madrid and later served as club President between 1904 and 1908, succeeding his brother Juan Padrós.[1]

Padrós was also the driving force behind the Copa del Rey and refereed the first ever final.

Shop Owner[edit]

Carlos and his brother Juan were born into a Catalan family living in Madrid. Together they owned a shop on the Calle Alcalá. Conflicting sources say it was either a fashionable women’s boutique called El Capricho or a cloth business called El Encanto; the two brothers also became involved in the emerging football scene in the city. In 1902 the backroom of their shop became the first club premises of Madrid FC and Juan was elected the first president of the club that later became Real Madrid.

Copa del Rey[edit]

In 1902 Carlos became president of the Federación Madrileña de Foot-Ball and while in this post he suggested a football competition to celebrate the coronation of Alfonso XIII; this competition eventually evolved into the Copa del Rey. It was first played for in 1902 and four other teams, FC Barcelona, Club Español de Fútbol, Club Vizcaya and New Foot-Ball de Madrid, joined Madrid FC in the first competition. In the final, refereed by Carlos, Club Vizcaya beat FC Barcelona 2-1.

Real Madrid President[edit]

In June 1904 he succeeded Juan as president of Madrid FC. On October 23 he arranged the club's first game against a non-Spanish team; the opponents were French club Gallia Club of Paris, who in 1905 became champions of France. The game, which ended as a 1-1 draw, was arrange to celebrate the visit of French president, Émile Loubet. During his presidency the club also won the Copa del Rey four times in a row between 1905 and 1908. In 1908 he was succeeded as club president by Adolfo Meléndez and on April 13 he was elected honorary president for life.


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