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Carmelo Juan Giaquinta (born 1930-06-22 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine bishop, currently the Archbishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Resistencia (province of Chaco).

Giaquinta was ordained priest in Buenos Aires on 1953-04-04, at the age of 22, he was appointed auxiliary bishop of Viedma (province of Río Negro) on 1980-03-11. Six years later he was transferred to the diocese of Posadas, Misiones, and on 1993-03-22 again to Resistencia, where he exercised his ministry as Archbishop until his resignation, on 2005-04-01, as customary due to his age, he died on June 22, 2011


Sex education[edit]

On 2005-11-06, in line with Catholic Church teaching, he criticized the project of a law of compulsory sex education which was under study in Congress, stating that, in the case of its approval, he would "call Christians to civil disobedience"; this statement was a followup to similarly harsh criticism by Archbishop of La Plata, Héctor Aguer.


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