Caroli Church, Malmö

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Caroli Church
Caroli kyrka
Caroli kyrka, Malmö, 2012.jpg
Caroli Church in June 2012
Location Malmö
Country Sweden
Denomination Church of Sweden
Consecrated 19 December 1880 (1880-12-19)
Architect(s) Emil Viktor Langlet
Parish Saint Peter
Diocese Lund
Plaque for Johan Cronman at Caroli Church.

Caroli Church is a church in Malmö, Sweden. It was built in 1880. The church is named after king Charles XI of Sweden.

The first Caroli Church was built in 1680, in the same place as the current building. The church was also known as "The German Church" and the services was held in the German language for the German merchants and craftsmen of Malmö.[1]


  1. ^ "Malmö city life in 1692". Retrieved 2011-01-30. Apart from St Petri Church, the first Caroli Church was built in 1680, in the same place as the present one. The church was named after king Carl XI of Sweden, but it also went under the name of "The German Church", and service was held in the German language, hopefully to draw German merchants and craftsmen to Malmö. 

Coordinates: 55°36′27″N 13°00′24″E / 55.60750°N 13.00667°E / 55.60750; 13.00667