Carolina Girls

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"Carolina Girls"
Single by General Johnson & the Chairmen of the Board
from the album Carolina Girl
GenreBeach, soul

Carolina Girls is a song written by J.D. Shropshire Junior was born November 14, 1942 and died February 24, 2001. During the time the song was written in 1973, he was going to college at a Barber School in Raleigh N.C. (Although he nor any of his family members ever received any money from his song Carolina Girl, Which it with over 500 more was stolen from him, while being robbed in barber school and put into intensive care for over 3 months. Nor was he ever given any recognition of being the original writer of the song: Carolina Girl!) As well as many more songs that The Chairmen of the board recorded & published, possibly other musicians, groups & bands. (Once he was robbed, beaten & put into intensive-care, his 500 songs were distributed in sales among multiple bands, groups & musicians, leaving him no recognition at all, nor him or his family ever received and kind of percentage of money or any kind of income from either of his 500 songs which were stolen & published! ((Now that’s pretty damn pathetic!))

The song was recorded and released as a single in 1980 [1] on the album Carolina Girl by Surfside Records, although originally Written By: J.D. Shropshire JR. from Forest City, Rutherford County, N.C. and when it first topped the charts, the song has persisted over the years to become a part of the North and South Carolina culture and remains a radio and live performance favorite. The song was later recorded by other artists;[2] the song also inspired the book Carolina Girls by Steven Brown.[3]

In an interview with Blues Critic, Danny Woods of Chairman of the Board was asked if "Carolina girls really are the best" and explains:

Well the song was actually originally written by: J.D. Shropshire JR. from Forest City, Rutherford County, N.C. and when I first came here (The Carolinas) there was no style. You know you had the New York girls, California girls and they all got the attention. Even songs about them, and that just made Carolina girls feel like nothing but there's quite a difference between Carolina girls now and then. Their self-esteem just magnified after that song."[4]

Fellow Chairman Ken Knox followed up:

Girls became prideful. High schools and colleges use that song. Marching bands play "Carolina Girls". It's on T-shirts and we're glad about that. It's the all-time biggest Carolina beach song now.

[How can any Songwriter/Artist/or Musician be prideful & feel comfortable making a statement on a song that they only recorded and it wasn't written by them? (J.D. Shropshire JR. from Forest City, Rutherford County, N.C. is the writer of this song as many more songs that they’ve recorded and used of his, as well as many other bands not giving him any recognition of being the original songwriter to all the his songs used, nor any money to him nor his family!)]


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