Cat Girl Kiki

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Cat Girl Kiki
Directed by Akiyoshi Sugiura
Release date
  • 2006 (2006)
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Cat Girl Kiki (猫耳少女キキ, Nekomimi Shōjo Kiki) is a Japanese fantasy comedy drama film directed by Akiyoshi Sugiura[1] and released in 2006 by VAP.[2] It is part of the Akihabara Trilogy of films[3] revolving around the Akihabara cosplay and otaku subcultures.[4] It was distributed in the United States by Asia Pulp Cinema.[5]


Yoshirou Takagi, a recluse young adult (hikikomori), adopts a stray cat, Kiki, which magically turns into a catgirl, i.e. a human girl with feline characteristics, who attempts to help him deal with his solitude.

Catgirls are common themes in otaku media. As Yoshirou teaches Kiki how to behave more like a human, he also makes her wear a maid cosplay and a Japanese school uniform, which are other references to the Akihabara cosplay culture.

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