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This is a category of all articles on numbered minor planets (MPs). It should not include the plethora of redirects which point to lists such as List of minor planets: 1–1000. This is done, in part, to facilitate the separation of MP articles from MP redirects in categories which contain a large number of both, such as some subcategories of Category:Minor planets by source of name. This separation can be done by determining the intersection of 2 categories, for example, by the WikiMedia Foundation's PetScan utility, or by the AutoWikiBrowser's (AWB) List comparer utility.

The objects listed should use a 0-padded 6-digit sortkey corresponding to their number. For example:

  • 2 Pallas would use: [[Category:Numbered minor planets|000002]].
  • (410777) 2009 FD would use: [[Category:Numbered minor planets|410777]].


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