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The pages in this category have been proposed for deletion since April 16, 2018. Once an article, file or book has been tagged with {{proposed deletion}} for at least 7 days (it is currently 18:04, Thursday, April 19, 2018 (UTC)) it may be deleted by an administrator. Anyone can remove the PROD template at any time if they disagree with the deletion to stop the process. Only uncontroversial articles, files and books may be deleted using proposed deletion. Do not re-list an item if someone has removed the PROD template; instead, list it on articles for deletion, files for discussion or miscellany for deletion, and seek a consensus to delete it.*

Once this category is at least 7 days old and it no longer contains any items it should be speedily deleted.

Purge server cache

*BLPPRODs are an exception, the tag may not be removed until at least one reliable source is added.