Cats and Dogs (1932 film)

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Cats and Dogs
Pooch the Pup series
Directed by Walter Lantz
Music by James Dietrich
Animation by Manuel Moreno
Lester Kline
George Cannata
Bill Weber
Studio Walter Lantz Productions
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) December 5, 1932
Color process Black and white
Running time 7:06
Country United States
Language English
Preceded by The Under Dog
Followed by Merry Dog

Cats and Dogs is a 1932 short animated film. It is the fifth Pooch the Pup cartoon.


Pooch is a football player who leads a team of dogs. They take on a team which is composed of cats.

Just before the start of the game, Pooch is spending time with the girl coonhound (now wearing a beret with a cottonball of top) who is in the stands. Momentarily a cat from the opposing team comes by, pushes Pooch aside, and tries to impress the girl coonhound with a large chest. Pooch tries to answer back by placing an overinflated football in his shirt. The cat knows of the illusion before popping the ball with a pin. Despite Pooch's failed impression attempt, the girl coonhound still has affection for him. She even kisses and encourages Pooch to perform well.

The game begins and Pooch is first to take the ball. After some exchanges, the canine team scores a touchdown, thanks to a stretchy dachshund player. As the game resumes, more trades with the ball ensue until this time the feline team scores a touchdown, thus evening the score.

When the match still goes on, only a minute left remains. Pooch's teammates, however, morph into a steamroller which flattens most of the feline team. The flatten players are carried away on stretchers. Although one of the cats, who has the ball, gets close to the feline team's touchdown area, that player is stopped on time by the morphed dogs. Pooch manages to take the ball, and ends the game in his favor with a field goal.

Following the win, Pooch and the girl coonhound spend the rest of the day romancing.

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