Cayetano Descalzi

Cayetano Descalzi was an Italian painter and engraver who came to the Río de la Plata, now Argentina, in the 1820s. In 1830, Descalzi married Juliana Miró, the widowed mother of Carlos Morel, to become a celebrated artist, they separated eight years later. Descalzi is recognized for his oil lithograph of Governor Juan Manuel de Rosas, made in 1841, entitled "Rosas, el Grande", printed the following year by Lemercier of París, he made the portrait of the magistrate Don Tomas Giráldez in Quilmes. One of his pupils was Cándido López. Citations Sources

Gunnar Sverrisson

Gunnar Sverrisson is an Icelandic professional basketball coach and former player. Gunnar played three seasons in the Icelandic top-tier Úrvalsdeild karla and two seasons in the 1. Deild karla for ÍR from 1989 to 1996. In 1994, Gunnar was hired as an assistant coach to player-coach John Rhodes with ÍR in 1994, where he served until 1996. In September 1996, Gunnar was hired as an assistant coach with Þór Akureyri, assisting player-coach Fred Williams. On 23 February 1997, he was involved in two car accidents in a four hours span while returning to Akureyri after Þór's game against Breiðablik in Kópavogur; the first accident occurred in Hvalfjörður around midnight when one of the teams minibuses, in which Gunnar was in the front passenger seat, was sent swerving and flipped over due to heavy wind. The seven occupants of the car, which were all wearing seatbelts, escaped serious injuries although one of the passengers went halfway through a window. With the help of Skallagrímur fans, who were returning from a game in Keflavík, Gunnar and the other occupants of the bus were driven to Borgarnes.

Half of the team and staff decided to take the second minibus and continue to Akureyri while the other half stayed in Borgarnes. Around 04:00 the minibus swerved of the road due to a blizzard. Gunnar and team captain Konráð Óskarsson had to hike through the storm to a nearby farm to seek assistance. After being towed free by the Hvammstangi police, the minibus arrived at Akureyri at 08:00 in the morning. In June 1997, he was hired as head coach to Þór Akureyri for the 1997-1998 season, he returned to ÍR for the 2005-2006 season as an assistant coach to Jón Örn Guðmundsson. Gunnar took over as head coach of Úrvalsdeild club ÍR on 4 January 2010, replacing Jón Arnar Ingvarsson who had resigned for family reasons, he guided the club to the playoffs during his first two seasons at the helm. He left the club at the conclusion of his contract after the 2011-2012 season, he served as an assistant coach to player-coach Helgi Már Magnússon for KR during the 2012–2013 Úrvalsdeild karla season. He was fired by the board on 4 March during a reshuffle of the coaching staff and replaced by Finnur Freyr Stefánsson.

Gunnar served as an assistant coach for Fjölnir during the 2018-2019 season, helping them finish first in the 1. Deild kvenna. Alongside basketball, Gunnar has worked as a photographer since the age of sixteen when he started working as sports photographer for Dagblaðið. Úrvalsdeild statistics

Hillcrest High School (Arkansas)

Hillcrest High School is an accredited public high school in Strawberry, United States. Hillcrest High School is one of five public high schools in Lawrence County and the only high school of the Hillcrest School District; the assumed course of study follows the Smart Core curriculum developed by the Arkansas Department of Education. Students complete regular coursework and exams and may select Advanced Placement courses and exams that may lead to college credit. Hillcrest High School is accredited by the ADE. Hillcrest High School is listed unranked in the Best High Schools 2012 Report by U. S. News & World Report; the Hillcrest High School mascot is the Screamin' Eagles with red and blue serving as the school colors. For 2012–14, the Hillcrest Screamin' Eagles compete in the 1A Classification—the state's smallest classification—from the 1A 2 North Conference administered by the Arkansas Activities Association; the Screamin' Eagles participate in golf, baseball, archery, shooting sports and track.

Hillcrest students are offered the opportunity to participate through self-selection or qualification into a variety of clubs and organizations including: Art Club, Beta Club, Drama Club, Future Business Leaders of America, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. FCCLA, FFA, Band, Quiz Bowl, Electric Car, Student Council; the following are notable people associated with Hillcrest High School. If the person was a Hillcrest High School student, the number in parentheses indicates the year of graduation.