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Cazenovia Seminary was an academic (not exclusively theological) seminary (like an early high school) of the Methodist Episcopal Church. It was located in Cazenovia, New York, United States, it was founded in 1825, at the instigation of George Peck and several other prominent clergymen in the area. In 1839, the seminary initiated a three year course, as it was called, which was focused at the education of females; the seminary also had a missionary course, and in 1843 Sophronia Farrington (class of 1828) went out as the first female missionary to Africa, under the auspices of the Young Men's Missionary Society of Boston. This was the earliest foreign mission established by the Methodist Episcopal Church.[1]

The seminary underwent a number of reorganizations over the years and is now a co-educational four year institution called Cazenovia College.

Notable alumni[edit]


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