Cecil Otter's False Hopes

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Cecil Otter's False Hopes
Cecil Otter's False Hopes.jpg
Studio album by Cecil Otter
Released 2005
Genre Hip hop, alternative hip hop
Length 38:39
Label Doomtree Records
Producer Cecil Otter
Cecil Otter chronology
Cecil Otter's False Hopes
Rebel Yellow
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Cecil Otter's False Hopes is the first official release from Cecil Otter, a founding member of Minneapolis indie hip hop collective Doomtree. It is one of False Hopes albums released by Doomtree Records.

Track listing[edit]

1."Atreyu and the Swamps of Sadness"2:55
2."City Girl (Amuse-Meant-to-Get-Her)"2:10
3."Tin Man Purrs Like a Kitten"3:56
4."Chicken or the Egg"3:10
6."Travis Bickles' Once Over"2:09
7."Old Fashioned House"2:31
8."Mom Song"2:42
9."Matchbook Diaries"4:15
10."Lakeshore Drifter"2:43
11."...Good for Once / Lakeshore Drifter (Live Version)"8:31


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