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Center for Public Leaderhsip
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The Center for Public Leadership is an academic research center that provides teaching, research and training in the practical skills of leadership for people in government, nonprofits, and business. It was established in 2000, through a gift from the Wexner Foundation, at Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University[1].

In January 2008 the center moved from its offices at 124 Mt. Auburn Street to its current location in the Taubman Building on the main campus of Harvard Kennedy School in Cambridge, Massachusetts[2].


Past Directors[edit]

David Gergen served as director from 2000 to 2018, and was succeeded by Wendy R. Sherman[4]. Other past directors include Max Bazerman[5] and Ron Heifetz[6].

Faculty affiliates[edit]

CPL affiliates include faculty from across Harvard University, including Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Business School, and the Harvard Graduate School of Education[7].


  • Bacon Environmental Fellowship[8]
  • Black Family Fellowship
  • Dubin Fellows Program for Emerging Leaders
  • Emirates Leadership Initiative Fellowship
  • Fellowship for Serving African-American Communities
  • George Leadership Fellowship
  • Gleitsman Leadership Fellowship
  • U.S. Latino Leadership Fellowship
  • Wexner Israel Fellowship
  • Zuckerman Fellows Program

Behavioral Insights Group[edit]

Founded in 2013, the Behavioral Insights Group (BIG) is a center for behavioral science and behavioral economics research at Harvard Kennedy School[9]. BIG faculty engage in research and teach courses that apply behavioral economics to areas including public policy, global health, and law[10]. BIG also houses the Behavioral Insights Student Group (BISG).

Hauser Leaders Program[edit]

The Hauser Leaders Program allows high-profile leaders from across sectors to join CPL for one-to-two semesters to advise students and lead events[11].

Hauser Institute for Civil Society[edit]

Established through a grant by Rita and Gustave Hauser in 1997, the Hauser Institute for Civil Society (formerly the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations) joined CPL in 2013; the Hauser Institute supports research and programming related to civil society and non-profit organizations. Hauser Institute initiatives include the Gleitsman Program in Leadership for Social Change, the Initiative for Responsible Investment, and the New World Social Innovation Fellowship[12].

Gleitsman Program in Leadership for Social Change[edit]

Through a gift of $20 million from the estate of Alan Gleitsman, the center endowed the Gleitsman Program in Leadership for Social Change in 2007;[13] the program supports the annual Gleitsman International Activist Award and Gleitsman Citizen Activist Award, Gleitsman Leadership Fellows,[14] and social change scholarship.

Gleitsman International Activist Award winners[edit]

Gleitsman Citizen Activist Award winners[edit]


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