Centre for Development, Environment and Policy at SOAS, University of London

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The Centre for Development Environment and Policy (CeDEP) at SOAS University of London
Students 1,271
Location London, United Kingdom

University of London
1994 Group 2007-13
Russell Group until 2007

'Golden Triangle' until 2007
Mascots The Green City
Website www.soas.ac.uk/cedep

Centre for Development Environment and Policy ("CeDEP"), is one of SOAS's (the School of Oriental and African Studies) research and teaching centres, and is part of the University of London[1] International Programmes. CeDEP is a distance learning centre that offers postgraduate qualifications in the subject areas of sustainable development, poverty reduction and environmental management. CeDEP's research covers the regions of Asia, Africa and the Middle East placing huge emphasis on the need for informed professionals with inter-disciplinary skills and understanding to effectively tackle environmental issues, poverty, including their ethical, political, economic, social and technical dimensions. The role of distance learning is highlighted within CeDEP not only as a mode of teaching in the subject areas of sustainable development, poverty reduction and environmental management, but also as a tool for development keeping in mind that CeDEP's research interests are best addressed and tackled by researchers and students placed in the physical field of their studies in various regions around the world. In addition, CeDEP hosts several researchers and candidates for PhD degrees.


The Centre for Development, Environment and Policy (CeDEP) has a 20-year history of distance learning, and was originally part of the University of London’s Wye College, then later becoming part of Imperial College, and more recently SOAS. The Centre specialises in research into sustainable development and the causes of poverty.

Study programmes[edit]

The CeDEP programmes of study are widely based on the outcome of CeDEP's research which is widely applied on a national and international level. The following Master's programme are based on these research areas:

(Master's, Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate qualifications are offered in all of the above-mentioned programmes. The CeDEP study modules are also available to individuals or organisations wishing to pursue continuing professional development under a Short Course Scheme. CeDEP also participates in the DL4D programme (Distance Leaning for Development) of the London International Development Centre (LIDC). The LIDC facilitates interdisciplinary research and training in the area of international development, by bringing together social and natural scientists from across the University of London's six Bloomsbury Colleges, of which SOAS is one.

Research areas[edit]

The CeDEP's academic staff undertakes research and, support several international PhD students. The areas covered by research are divided into four main streams:

  • Socio-economic, technical and institutional opportunities and constraints for agricultural and rural development, food systems and poverty reduction in poor areas
  • Development and application of new institutional economics in guiding agricultural development and natural resource management policy and interventions by national governments, donors, NGOs and the private sector
  • Approaches for sustainable development and environmental management, particularly relating to the atmosphere, water resources, and the environmental and developmental impacts of intensive agriculture
  • Development of distance learning techniques and pedagogic methods taking advantage of changing access to new information and communication technologies in developing countries


The staff members of CeDEP are the editors of the Food Policy journal which rank's first in agricultural economics (impact factor: 1.606,[3] Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Report[4]), which is published by Elsevier.


  • London Russell Square Campus:
CeDEP is hosted at SOAS, within the faculty of Law and Social Sciences at the Russell Square campus. Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG.
  • Wye Campus:
Historically, CeDEP was part of Wye College. The centre, then called DLP, offered several programmes and support to distance learners, then it became part of Imperial College London upon the merger with Wye College.
Although CeDEP is considered to be a part of SOAS, the centre was hosted in Bexley House and Ian Carruthers House at the Imperial College campus in Wye, Ashford, Kent up until May 2011.

Notable alumni[edit]

Rolph Antoine Payet is the serving Minister of Environment and Energy in Seychelles. Rolph is a lead author with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which was jointly awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, and his contribution is acknowledged.

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