Cerro Batoví

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Cerro Batoví
Cerro Batoví, situated near Tacuarembó
Highest point
Elevation224 m (735 ft)
ListingBreast-shaped hills
Coordinates31°52′33″S 56°00′41″W / 31.87583°S 56.01139°W / -31.87583; -56.01139Coordinates: 31°52′33″S 56°00′41″W / 31.87583°S 56.01139°W / -31.87583; -56.01139
English translationCerro (Hill in Spanish); Batoví (Breast of a virgin in Guaraní)
Language of nameSpanish/Guaraní
PronunciationSpanish: [ˈθero βatoˈβi]
Cerro Batoví is located in Uruguay
Cerro Batoví
Cerro Batoví
LocationTacuarembó, Tacuarembó Department,
Parent rangeCuchilla de Haedo
Age of rockPrecambrian
Mountain typeHill
Easiest routeHike

Cerro Batoví is a hill in Uruguay, with an altitude of 224 metres (734.9 ft). It is situated 25 km (15.5 mi) away from the city of Tacuarembó.

Location and features[edit]

It is located in the Tacuarembó Department, in a range of hills named Cuchilla de Haedo. Batoví means "breast of a virgin" in the Guaraní language and the hill has this name due to its curious shape.

Cerro Batoví is considered the symbol of the Tacuarembó Department.

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