Cerro Kamuk

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Cerro Kamuk
Cerro Kamuk is located in Costa Rica
Cerro Kamuk
Cerro Kamuk
Highest point
Elevation3,549 m (11,644 ft)
Coordinates9°17′N 83°02′W / 9.283°N 83.033°W / 9.283; -83.033Coordinates: 9°17′N 83°02′W / 9.283°N 83.033°W / 9.283; -83.033
LocationCosta Rica
Parent rangeCordillera de Talamanca

Cerro Kamuk is a mountain in the core of the mountains of La Amistad International Park, in the Cordillera de Talamanca, between the mountain ranges of northern Panama and southeastern Costa Rica. These are one of the highest and wildest mountains of Central America. The diversity of species in this area is unequaled in any other similarly sized reserve in the world. The area protected comprises four national parks clustered together that became La Amistad Biosphere Reserve. UNESCO declared it a natural World Heritage Site in 1983. It is part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, UNESCO's project shared by eight Central American countries (Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala and South of Mexico) to help protect the remaining pristine mountain forest and wildlife of Central America

Kamuk peak rises to 3,549 metres (11,644 ft) above sea level. It takes 4 days to reach the its top, one way (7 days for the complete expedition). Journeys require about 6 to 10 hours hiking per day. The climb to the summit is nontechnical, but since the trail often gets consumed by its own wildlife, it is absolutely necessary to have a certified guide. There are no trail signs and water is found only near campsites. The absolute fragility and unspoiled nature of this area requires that explorers take very important precautions: take only new tenting and camping equipment, free of spores, mildew or other microorganisms, as they may cause an ecological disaster. Wash your hiking boots and make sure you bring no soil from other areas of the world.

The season to explore the Talamanca Range and climb Kamuk ranges from November to April only, and is closed the rest of the year due to heavy rains, tree falls, management and protection of species.

The not-for-profit Organizacion Xtremas develops community projects to help local inhabitants, the indigenous Bribris and Cabecar people around the Talamanca range area. This organization is always seeking for travel volunteers. Through this organization you may also find local experts, naturalist guides and more information on how to explore Talamanca and climb Kamuk.