Cerro Mohinora

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Cerro Mohinora
Highest point
Elevation3,300 m (10,800 ft) [2][3]
Prominence873 m (2,864 ft)
Parent peakCerro Gordo[1]
ListingMountain peaks of Mexico
Coordinates25°57′22″N 107°02′52″W / 25.95611°N 107.04778°W / 25.95611; -107.04778Coordinates: 25°57′22″N 107°02′52″W / 25.95611°N 107.04778°W / 25.95611; -107.04778
Cerro Mohinora is located in Chihuahua
Cerro Mohinora
Cerro Mohinora
Cerro Mohinora is located in Mexico
Cerro Mohinora
Cerro Mohinora
Cerro Mohinora (Mexico)
LocationGuadalupe y Calvo Municipality, Chihuahua, Mexico
Topo mapMountain Peak
Age of rockPaleogene
Mountain typeExtinct
Volcanic arc/beltSierra Madre Occidental

Cerro Mohinora is an extinct volcano that is part of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range in the Mexican state of Chihuahua located in the municipality of Guadalupe y Calvo. Cerro Mohinora is the highest point in the state of Chihuahua reaching an elevation of 10,827 ft (3,300 m) above sea level; the climate of the mountain is extremely cold in the winter and temperate to semi-cold in the summer.


The mountain began to form during Paleogene geologic period characterized by intense volcanic activity in the area throwing lava and ash onto the surrounding plateau and creating the Sierra Madre Occidental. Cerro Mohinora was raised to an elevation over 3,300 m above sea level during the Pleistocene by intense tectonic activity; the mountain is mainly composed of igneous rock.


Using the Köppen climate classification the climate of the mountain is humid continental climate (Dfb). Summers are cool with temperatures rarely reaching 25 °C (77 °F) and summer lows fall below 10 °C (50 °F) regularly. There are heavy rainstorms from June to October. Winters are very cold with maximum high reaching 0 °C (32 °F) and reaching a maximum low of -31 °C (-24 °F). Winter snowstorms with high winds are common and typically over 1 meter (~3 ft) of snow per season.


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