Cet homme est dangereux

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Cet homme est dangereux
Directed by Jean Sacha
Produced by Georges Sénamaud
Written by Jacques Berland Screenplay
Marcel Duhamel
Peter Cheyney
Source material
Starring Eddie Constantine
Music by Jean Marion
Cinematography Marcel Weiss
Edited by Paulette Robert
Release date
November 22, 1953
Running time
92 min.
Country France
Language French/English[1]

Cet homme est dangereux/This Man is Dangerous is a French film adaptation of Peter Cheyney's novel This Man is Dangerous. It followed the film La môme vert-de-gris which had been Eddie Constantine's debut as Lemmy Caution and it was also successful at the box office.


Lemmy Caution is assigned to neutralise the international crimininal network of villain Siégella (Grégoire Aslan ) as an undercover agent. In order to infiltrate the gang he pretends to be an escapee. During his covert investigations at the French Riviera he gets to know a beauty named Constance (Colette Deréal) who is associated with Mister Siégella. Lemmy can convince him that he would help to kidnap the rich American heiress Miranda Van Zelden (Claude Borelli). Once Lemmy has obtained enough proof to have Siégella convicted, he informs Interpol. After he has sent documents to Interpol, his cover is blown and he has to fight for his life.



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