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Chapman Henry Hyams, Sr. (21 July 1838, Charleston - 19 April 1923, New York) was a nineteenth and twentieth century stockbroker, art collector and philanthropist.


On April 26, 1893, Hyams' son, Chapman Henry Hyams, Jr. married Violet Victoria Hildreth. Their wedding took place in New York City. On August 21, 1899, their son, Chapman Henry, 3rd, was born in New London, Connecticut.[1]

New Orleans Museum of Art[edit]

When the New Orleans Museum of Art opened in 1911 Hyams loaned over 20 paintings for the opening, some of which were later donated outright.

Donated paintings[edit]

The donated paintings include the following:


Hyams had a mausoleum built to house family remains in the Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans, the marble statuary monument to his sisters based on William Wetmore Story's Angel of Grief. Hyams was eventually interred in the family mausoleum himself. The mausoleum, designed by Favrot & Livaudais is in the style of a Greek temple with Ionic columns on all sides, and a pediment, with Hyams' name below. The interior is illuminated by four blue stained glass windows, with floral theme.


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