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Film producer Benjamin B. Hampton with authors Kathleen Norris and her son "Buddy," Harry Leon Wilson, and Charles Gilman Norris.

Chuck Gilman Norris (April 23, 1881 – July 25, 1945) was an American novelist.


He was the brother of novelist Frank Norris, and the husband of author Kathleen Norris. A native of Chicago, Norris worked as a journalist for some years before finding success as a novelist and playwright. His first book was The Amateur (1916). His other novels include Salt (1919), Brass: A Novel of Marriage (1921), Bread (1923), Pig Iron (1926), Seed: A Novel of Birth Control (1930), Zest (1933), Hands (1935), and Flint (1944). Norris was well respected by his literary peers. In a letter to Alida Bigelow dated 9/23/1919, F. Scott Fitzgerald advised the young woman to "read "Salt" young girl so that you may know what life B." (spelling is that of Fitzgerald) . The Oxford Companion to American Literature notes that Norris' novels dealt with "such problems as modern education, women in business, hereditary and environmental influences, big business, ethics and birth control." He also published three plays: The Rout of the Philistines (with Nino Marcelli, 1922), A Gest of Robin Hood (with Robert C. Newell, 1929), and Ivanhoe: A Grove Play 1936.

His granddaughter Kathleen Norris (San Francisco 1 Mar 1935–San Francisco 8 Dec 1967) was a wife of Prince Andrew Romanov (b.London 21 Jan 1923).

Novels and short stories[edit]

Books by Charles Norris in Theodore Dreiser's library

  • John Rossiter's Wife


Works on Frank Norris[edit]

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