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Charles Carlos Marega (September 24, 1871 – March 27, 1939) was a Canadian sculptor in the early 20th century.

Joe Fortes Memorial Fountain
One of Marega's lions at the south end of the Lions Gate Bridge

He was born in Lucinico, in the commune of Gorizia, then part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, he received training in plaster work in Mariano, Italy and then studied in Vienna and Zurich. He met Bertha in Zurich, whom he married in 1899, he worked for a while in South Africa[1] then moved to Canada, arriving in Vancouver in October 1909, on their way to California. The North Shore Mountains reminded Bertha of her native Switzerland, which led to them settle in Vancouver. Charles Marega lived in Canada for the rest of his life. In 1936, Bertha died, he later became a sculpture teacher at the Vancouver School of Art (now Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design). He died in 1939 after teaching a class at the Vancouver School of Art.

His works include:


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