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Charles Martel of Anjou

Charles Martel of the Angevin dynasty was the eldest son of king Charles II of Naples and Maria of Hungary, the daughter of King Stephen V of Hungary. The 18-year-old Charles Martel was set up by Pope Nicholas IV and the ecclesiastical party as the titular King of Hungary as successor of his maternal uncle, the childless Ladislaus IV of Hungary against whom the Pope had earlier declared a crusade, he never managed to govern the Kingdom of Hungary, where an agnate of the Árpád dynasty, his cousin Andrew III of Hungary ruled at that time. Charles Martel was, successful in asserting his claim in the Kingdom of Croatia in personal union with Hungary. Charles Martel died of the plague in Naples, his son, Charles succeeded in winning the throne of Hungary. Charles was known to Dante: in the Divine Comedy, the poet speaks warmly of and to Charles's spirit when they meet in the Heaven of Venus, he married Klementia of daughter of Rudolph I, Holy Roman Emperor. They had three children: Charles I of Hungary, King of Hungary Beatrix, married on 25 May 1296 Jean II de La Tour du Pin, Dauphin du Viennois Clementia, married in Paris on 13 August 1315 Louis X of France Earenfight, Theresa.

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Nani Mau Gardens

Nani Mau Gardens are commercial botanical gardens located at 421 Makalika Street, Hawaiʻi on the island of Hawaiʻi, coordinates 19°40′20″N 155°3′17″W. The gardens' name, Nani Mau, means "forever beautiful", they were established by Makato Nitahara and opened to the public in 1972. Today the gardens claim to contain more than 2,000 plant varieties, with 225 types of flowering plants, including 100 species of fruit trees; the gardens contain a number of trees planted by famous visitors. Major garden features include an anthurium grove, Japanese-style bell tower, botanical museum, butterfly house, European garden, fruit orchard, ginger garden, hibiscus garden, Japanese gardens, orchid display and coconut trees, water garden; the botanical museum contains exhibits about the nature of the island's tropical plants, the threats to their existence, their role and uses in Hawaiian culture and art. List of botanical gardens in the United States Official website

The Chris Farley Show

The Chris Farley Show was a sketch from the American comedy TV series Saturday Night Live, which involved comic actor Chris Farley, as a parody of himself, interviewing various celebrities. Rather than ask his guest questions that had any popular significance, or allow his guest to plug a current project, he would invariably act nervously, describe scenes from a film in which the guest actor appeared. After asking the performer whether he remembered this particular event, Farley would relate, "That was awesome." Other times, he would ask questions that made no sense at all. Invariably, he would say something he would smack his head and call himself an idiot; the skit accentuated Farley's shyness for comic effect. Jeff Daniels was the first guest of The Chris Farley Show when it premiered on October 5, 1991. Daniels was appearing to promote The Butcher's Wife. Daniels gives yes or no answers to Farley's questions regarding whether or not he remembers certain scenes of movies; the episode features a question from a caller, who mimics Farley's "d'you remember" questions.

Farley and the caller ignore Jeff Daniels and reminisce about the previous episode, in which the same caller asked Arnold Schwarzenegger a question. Martin Scorsese was the second guest on the show. Aired on November 16, 1991, Scorsese appeared to promote his film Cape Fear; as with the first sketch, Farley introduces himself, stumbles over his words, discusses action movies with his guest before taking a caller. In the third and final Chris Farley Show sketch aired on February 13, 1993, Paul McCartney, that night's musical guest, was the guest on Farley's show. Farley acted awestruck and giddy in the former Beatle's presence asking ridiculous questions starting with "Do you remember when you were in The Beatles?" or "That was a hoax, right?" in reference to rumors of McCartney's death, to which he gives one word answers. At one point, Farley arbitrarily asks the songwriter, "Did you see Terminator?" This is the only Chris Farley Show sketch not to feature a guest caller. A biographical novel named after the sketch, The Chris Farley Show: A Biography in Three Acts was released on May 6, 2008 and was co-written by Tom Farley, Jr. and Tanner Colby.

It features anecdotes by his friends and family. The novel was named Amazon Best of the Month by in May, 2008. Co-author Colby is credited with co-writing John Belushi's biography, Belushi: A Biography. Farley was notorious for following in the footsteps of Belushi, both dying at age 33 from drug-related heart attacks. Chris Farley Show transcript - Paul McCartney interview Official Website for A Biography in Three Acts Martin Scorsese video clip Jeff Daniels video clip Paul McCartney video clip Chris Rock interview

Colo Parish

The Parish of Colo is a parish of the County of Camden in the Southern Highlands region of New South Wales. It is centred on the town of Colo Vale, includes Aylmerton, Willow Vale and Yerrinbool, it includes the northern parts of Mittagong that are north of the Old Hume Highway. The new Hume Highway runs through the parish from south-west to north-east, its western boundary is part of Gibbergunyah creek. The southern boundary for a large portion is the Old Hume Highway; the northern boundary is near, but not including Hill Top. The eastern boundary is the Nepean River. Part of the boundary in the north-east is the Bargo River; the Picton Loop railway line runs through the parish from north to south, including the station at Colo Vale. The Southern Highlands section of the Main Southern railway line passes through the parish, including Yerrinbool station. "Colo Parish". Geographical Names Register of NSW. Geographical Names Board of New South Wales. Parish of Colo, County of Camden

Artashes Shahinyan

Artashes Shahinyan was an Armenian mathematician, Doctors of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics, Professor, a member of the Armenian Academy of Sciences (1947. Deserved scientist of ArmSSR, he worked in complex analysis, except writing research papers, had authored texts and research monographs in mathematics. Being a talented mentor and professor, Shahinyan had been a teacher and research supervisor for many young gifted mathematicians, he is the founder of the Armenian research mathematical school, which in the 1940s and early 1950s was known internationally. Academician Shahinyan has been known by his speeches and publications on many questions of public importance in Armenia; some known Armenian poets and painters of the time have witnessed that Shahinyan had professional level knowledge in poetry and arts. It is well known that he has been sharing his that knowledge with his students. Among the first students of Academician Shahinyan were Sergey Mergelyan, Mkhitar Djrbashian, Rafayel Alexandryan, Alexander Talalyan, Norair Arakelian, who became famous mathematicians and the next leaders of the Armenian mathematical school.

Shahinyan hold several positions, including: Head of Chair of Yerevan State University, Head of the Mathematics and Mechanics Department of the Academy of Sciences of ArmSSR, Director of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Academy-secretary of the Department of Physics-Mathematical Sciences. Order of Red Banner of Labour Order of Friendship of Peoples Deserved scientist of ArmSSR Medal "For Labour Valour"

Everyman Chess

Everyman Chess known as Cadogan Chess, is a major publisher of books and CDs about chess. "Everyman" is a registered trademark of Random House and the company headquarters is in London. Former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov is their chief advisor and John Emms is the general editor, assisted by Richard Palliser; the company is now known as "Gloucester Publishers". In addition to individual books, the company publishes some series of books; some of their most famous series of books are: "Winning Chess" series by Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan "Starting Out" series by various writers, including John Emms, Chris Ward, Glenn Flear, Joe Gallagher, Richard Palliser, John Shaw "Move by Move" series by various writers, including John Emms, Steve Giddins, Adam Hunt, Colin Crouch, Cyrus Lakdawala "My Great Predecessors" series of five volumes by Garry Kasparov "Modern Chess" series by Garry Kasparov "Dangerous Weapons" series of books on openingsThe "Starting Out"-series are introductory level books for average players, who have advanced beyond beginner level.

These books contain a general strategic overview, along with notes on whether the lines are theoretical or not. John Watson has pointed out that the series' main weakness is a lack of in-depth theoretical coverage. Features of the Starting Out series are bolded and graphically labeled notices with tips and notes; the wide target readership has made the Starting Out series popular. One reviewer expressed concern that many titles are pushed into the Starting Out series as a way of increasing sales, when they would be better suited as a more theoretical work. List of chess books Everyman Chess Website