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Charles Edward Augustus de Boos (24 May 1819 – 30 October 1900)[1] was an Australian writer.


de Boos was born in London, England, and educated at Addiscombe. He served in the British Legion during the First Carlist War in Spain from 1835 to 1837, and emigrated to Australia in 1839.[2] Having been Government shorthand writer in Victoria (Australia) from 1851 to 1856, he became connected with the press, and removed to Sydney and joined the Sydney Morning Herald.[1] de Boos was the author of numerous works, and was appointed Warden of the New South Wales Goldfields in December 1874. He afterwards retired on a pension.[2] de Boos died in Ryde, New South Wales, on 30 October 1900.[1]


  • Random Notes by a Wandering Reporter (1871)
  • The Congewoi Correspondence, 'letters of Mr. John Smith edited by Mr. Chas De Boos' (1874)
  • Fifty Years Ago: An Australian Tale, serial


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