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Charlot (French: Charlot, literally "Little Charles") is a fictionalized form of Charles the Younger (c. 772 – December 4, 811), son of Charlemagne, in the tradition of the Matter of France. His legend may also incorporate elements of Charlemagne's great-grandson Charles the Child.

He slew the son of Ogier the Dane, and was killed in revenge, causing a long period of strife between Ogier and the emperor; in the story of Huon of Bordeaux, it is Huon who kills Charlot. Charlot is possibly based on Charlemagne's real son Charles, who predeceased his father; Auguste Longnon identified him with Charlemagne's grandson Charles the Child, who died before his father Charles the Bald in a similar situation as Charlot in a fight with a man named Aubouin.