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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a website that publishes endgame studies, book reviews and other articles related to chess on a weekly basis. It was founded in 1996 by Hanon Russell, and is well known as a repository of articles about chess and its history.

It contains about twenty columns, each of which appears monthly. They are staggered so that about five new columns appear each Wednesday. The authors include some well-known chess players and instructors, such as Yasser Seirawan, Dan Heisman, Mark Dvoretsky, Susan Polgar, Karsten Müller, and Tim Harding. Previous notable contributors include Tony Miles, Tim Krabbe, Hans Ree, and Lev Alburt.

Harding's column, "The Kibitzer", often reviews games from the 19th and early 20th centuries, and produces original analysis based on his experience playing and annotating correspondence chess. "The Kibitzer" is also the oldest running column on, having started in June 1996. was previously linked with the United States Chess Federation and operated USCF Sales until April 2009. The website also maintains archives in PDF format of all its articles from 2000 and later, and text archives of articles from previous issues.

In a post dated June 2, 2015, it was announced that the site would be on a stated 3-month hiatus from posting new content.


A number of books have been published under the ChessCafe brand by Russell Enterprises:

  • Müller, Karsten (2004), ChessCafe Puzzle Book, Russell Enterprises, ISBN 1-88869-021-6
  • Francuski, Branislav (2008), Back to Basics: Fundamentals (ChessCafe Back to Basics Chess), Russell Enterprises, ISBN 1-88869-042-9

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  • Kingston, Taylor, ed. (2002), Heroic Tales: The Best of 1996-2001, Russell Enterprises, ISBN 978-1-888690-13-2

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