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Chie Tanaka at Kymco mini scooter promo 20090606.jpg
Chie Tanaka, a Japanese actress and model
PronunciationIPA: tɕi.e (chee-EH)
MeaningMany different meanings depending on the kanji used
Region of originJapan

Chie (チエ, ちえ, IPA: tɕi.e) is a Japanese feminine given name.

Possible writings[edit]

The name Chie can be written multiple ways depending on the kanji used, it can also be written using hiragana or katakana. Some possible ways to write Chie include:

  • 智恵, "wisdom, blessing"
  • 千絵, "thousand, pictures"
  • 千枝, "thousand, branches"
  • 千恵, "thousand, blessings"
  • 知恵, "wisdom, blessing"
  • 智栄, "wisdom, prosperous"
  • 茅江, "miscanthus, estuary"
  • 致依, "cause, do, reliable"
  • 稚慧, "young, wise"
  • 地絵, "ground, earth, picture"
  • 知映, "knowledge, shine"
  • 治映, "govern, shine"
  • 千映, "thousand, shine"
  • 千栄, "thousand, prosperous"


Those with the name Chie include:

  • Chie Kajiura (チエ・カジウラ), Japanese singer
  • Chie Kōjiro (神代知衣, born 1960), Japanese voice actress
  • Chie Mukai (向井千恵, born 1953), Japanese composer and improv musician
  • Chie Nakamura (中村千絵, born 1979), Japanese voice actress
  • Chie Nakane (中根千枝), author and anthropologist
  • Chie Sakuma (佐久間 千絵, born 1972), Japanese ice hockey player
  • Chie Sawaguchi (沢口千恵, born 1975), also known as Chie Ishibashi, a Japanese voice actress
  • Chie Shinohara (篠原千絵), Japanese manga artist
  • Chie Tanabe (田邊智恵, born 1971), Japanese stuntwoman
  • Chie Tanaka (田中千絵, born 1981), Japanese model and actress
  • Chie Tsuji (辻知恵, born 1969), Japanese volleyball player
  • Chie Yamayoshi, Los Angeles-based Japanese videogame artist and filmmaker