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Chilean Uruguayans are people born in Chile who live in Uruguay, or Uruguayan-born people of Chilean descent.


There are lots of Chilean-born persons living in Uruguay, for a number of reasons. Both countries are located in the Southern Cone and share the Spanish language; their historical origins are common (part of the Spanish Empire); circulation is relatively easy. Uruguay is a very small, quiet country, with wide beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, so some well-off Chileans choose Uruguay as their usual holiday destination, some of them even as permanent residence. Chilean students have to pay high university fees in their country, so they come to Uruguay looking for a free university education.[1] Other Chileans of a lower social condition come to Uruguay in search of job opportunities, as part of a big inflow of Latin Americans coming to Uruguay.[2]

The 2011 Uruguayan census revealed 1,682 people who declared Chile as their country of birth,[3] as of 2013, there are some 311 Chileans citizens registered in the Uruguayan social security.[4]

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