China–Luxembourg relations

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China–Luxembourg relations
Map indicating locations of China and Luxembourg



ChinaLuxembourg relations officially began on November 16, 1972.[1][2]


Mutual visits commenced in the 1980s with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg visiting China and the high-ranking officials of the State Council of the People's Republic China visited Luxembourg.[1][3]

In 1989 Luxembourg followed the European Union and imposed sanctions on China. Relations gradually improved from 1991 onwards.[1]

Bilateral relations[edit]

Embassy of Luxembourg in China

The trade value between the two countries stood at S$ 101 million in 2002.[1][2]

Luxembourg exported steel material, mechanic and electric products to China. Chinese exports to Luxembourg comprise textile, garments, plastic products and toys.[1][2]

Sino-Luxembourg trade relations have also focused on reducing trade barriers to investments.[4]

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