China–Niger relations

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China-Niger relations
Map indicating locations of China and Niger



China–Niger relations refer to the foreign relations between China and Niger.

Political ties[edit]

China established diplomatic relations with Niger on July 20, 1974. On June 19, 1992, the transitional government of Niger declared the reestablishment of the "diplomatic relations" with Taiwan. The Chinese Government thus announced its suspension of diplomatic relations with Niger on July 30 of the same year. On August 19, 1996, China and Niger re-established diplomatic relations.[1]

Economic ties[edit]

Chinese development finance to Niger[edit]

From 2000 to 2011, there are approximately 37 Chinese official development finance projects identified in Niger through various media reports.[2] These projects range from developing a uranium mine complex in Azelik in 2006,[3] to the construction of the Second bridge across the Niger river,[4] and a $12 million debt relief in 2001.[5]