China–Ukraine relations

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Sino–Ukrainian relations
Map indicating locations of China and Ukraine


Chinese consulate-general in Odesa, Ukraine.

China–Ukraine relations are foreign relations between Ukraine and China. China has an embassy in Kiev and a Consulate-General in Odessa. Ukraine has an embassy in Beijing and a Consulate-General in Shanghai. Diplomatic ties were established in 1992.[1]

Chinese Ukrainian trade relations have intensified since 2008[2] and are growing, for instance various Chinese companies are interested in investing in the construction of a large orbital road around Kiev and in building a number of bridges across the Dnipro River.[3] China intends to provide a loan of 25 million yuan (about USD 3.7 million) to Ukraine.[4] During the 2009 flu pandemic in Ukraine the Chinese government allocated free aid worth a total of 3.5 million yuan ($500,000) to supply diagnostic devices, facemasks, eyeglasses, gloves, and other means of protection for Ukraine.[5]

Ukraine has replaced the United States as the largest exporter of corn to China.[6]


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