China Northwest Airlines Flight 2119

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China Northwest Airlines Flight 2119
China Northwest BAe 146-300 JetPix.jpg
A China Northwest BAe 146-300 similar to the one involved
DateJuly 23, 1993
SummaryCrashed after aborted takeoff due to mechanical failure
SiteYinchuan, Ningxia, China
Aircraft typeBAe 146-300
OperatorChina Northwest Airlines
Flight originYinchuan Airport
DestinationBeijing Capital International Airport

China Northwest Airlines Flight 2119 (WH2119) was a flight from Yinchuan Xihuayuan Airport, Ningxia to Beijing Capital International Airport, People's Republic of China. On July 23, 1993, the aircraft crashed into a lake after it was unable to get airborne while attempting to take off at Yinchuan Airport, killing 54 passengers and 1 crew member on board.


Just before rotation on takeoff, the right-side flap actuator failed, causing the flaps to retract. Unable to get the aircraft into the air, the crew had no other option but to abort the takeoff. The aircraft overran the runway and crashed into a lake.

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