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China Resources Beverage (Holdings) Ltd.
Simplified Chinese华润怡宝食品饮料(中国)有限公司
Traditional Chinese華潤怡寳食品飲料(中國)有限公司

China Resources Beverage (Holdings) Ltd. or CR Beverage (simplified Chinese: 华润怡宝; traditional Chinese: 華潤怡寳; pinyin: Huárùn Yíbǎo) is the division of China Resources that sells soft drinks. Its head office is in the north area of the Hi-tech Park (新科技园 Xīn Kējì Yuán) in Nanshan District, Shenzhen;[1][2] the company maintains regional offices in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Shenyang, and Shenzhen.[2]

The brands owned by the company include C'estbon[note 1] (S: 怡宝, T: 怡寳, P: Yíbǎo) water, Afternoon (S: 午后, T: 午後, P: Wǔhòu) tea, Fire (FIRE) coffee, Jialinshan (C: 加林山, P: Jiālínshān), Magic, and Zero Pascal,[1] it is also known as China Resources C'estbon Food & Beverage.

On April 18, 2013, China Resources C'estbon sued Nongfu Spring, a rival company, accusing Nongfu of spreading false accusations against C'estbon.[3]


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  1. ^ C'est bon means "it's good" in French

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