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China Today

China Today titled China Reconstructs, is a monthly magazine founded in 1952 by Soong Ching-ling in association with Israel Epstein. It is published in Chinese language, Spanish, Arabic and Turkish, is intended to promote a knowledge of China's culture, geography and social affairs as well as positive view of the People's Republic of China and its government to people outside of China. Foreign advisor and naturalized Chinese citizen Israel Epstain was editor-in-chief of China Today from 1948 he returned to China at the request of Soong Ching-ling; the magazine was renamed China Today in 1990. China Today is published the first week of the month. In the pages of the magazine, the editors showcase what they characterize as the growing modernization and development which has happened in China since the reform and opening up policies of Deng Xiaoping began in December 1978. Acclaimed novelist and translator Gao Xingjian, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001, worked in the magazine as the chief of its French edition from 1975 to 1977.

Renowned actor and politician Ying Ruocheng worked for the English edition of the magazine in the 1960s. He went on to serve as China's vice minister of culture in the 1980s and played a supporting role in the 1989 Oscar-winning film The Last Emperor. China Today official site

Cities (Anberlin album)

Cities is the third studio album by American alternative rock band Anberlin, released on February 20, 2007. The songs "Godspeed" and "The Unwinding Cable Car" were released as singles with accompanying music videos; the album debuted at No. 19 on the Billboard 200. The band spent more than 40 days in the studio recording Cities and went back on tour on September 14 after listening to the finished work on the morning of September 13. Lead singer Stephen Christian kept fans posted on progress in the studio through the band's online forums. Anberlin asked fans to message their phone numbers to the band through their message board so they could call the fans and ask for advice on the album; the album was produced by Aaron Sprinkle, who produced Anberlin's first two albums Blueprints for the Black Market and Never Take Friendship Personal. In late 2006, the band started previewing content for the album in various ways; the song "Godspeed" was released as a single on December 28, 2006. The band started playing "Hello Alone" at concerts under its working title, "The Lesser Thans."

Anberlin posted individual song previews on MySpace and PureVolume. Stephen Christian stated in an interview that the lyrics throughout the band's discography were progressively becoming more mature. "The first CD was childish in the manner that it was Man vs. World in the lyrics; the second was Man Vs. Man. Cities is more adult in the manner that it's Man vs. Self." Cities was released in the United States on February 2007, as scheduled. It sold 34,000 units in its first week of release and debuted at No. 19 on the Billboard 200 chart and was well received by critics and fans. It reached up to number seven on the iTunes Top Albums chart; some pre-orders were shipped along with a seven-inch collector's vinyl EP. A special-edition version of the album was released; this version contains three additional tracks and a bonus DVD featuring a behind the scenes look of the making the album, interviews with the band members, outtakes. Except for digitally downloaded albums, each US copy of the album contained a "City Pass" insert.

This insert states that it is the buyer's "gateway to the world" providing "free entry to over twenty cities". The inserts were tied to an online-entry contest. Cities garnered critical acclaim from Music critics. At Christianity Today, Christa Banister rated the album four stars, calling it a "great step in the right direction." Greg Prato of Allmusic rated the album three-and-a-half stars, commenting that "Nothing too groundbreaking here, but nothing cringe-worthy, either." At CCM Magazine, Andrew Scates graded it a B, noting that the album "if anything, evokes a hope for the future." Drew Beringer of AbsolutePunk rated the album an eighty-five-percent, highlighting that the album "converted" him about the band's music because it "display a vast improvement in every aspect." At Christian Broadcasting Network, Jennifer E. Jones rated the album four spins, affirming that "The best Anberlin album is here." Trevor Fitzgerald of Cross Rhythms rated the album a nine squares, stating that the listener will "find memorable songs, finely executed."

At Sputnikmusic, SowingSeason rated the album a perfect five stars, saying that the album "shows Anberlin coming to a crossroads between youth and maturity and creating an absolute masterpiece of both." Founder, John DiBiase of Jesus Freak Hideout rated the album four stars, writing that the band "craft a pretty impressive batch of songs." At New Release Tuesday, Kevin Davis rated the album a perfect five stars, evoking that the album "demands to be experienced over and over." Jonathan Francesco of New Release Tuesday rated the album a perfect five stars, calling it "an album of epic quality." The Phantom Tollbooth's James Morovich rated the album four stars, highlighting this as "Anberlin's most diverse project to date", noting how the listener "will find a lot here to enjoy as well!" At Melodic, Kaj Roth rated the album three stars, remarking how the release offers "good songs that has elements of The Smiths, believe it or not." In 2008, the album was nominated for a Dove Award for Recorded Music Packaging of the Year at the 39th GMA Dove Awards.'Notes Special Edition version includes a DVD behind the scenes of the making of Cities.

The bonus tracks are included in the compilation album Lost Songs The album released in Japan had an extra track titled "The Haunting." "The Haunting" was released on the Lost Songs album in late 2007, but Anberlin did not play the song live until September 28, 2010 at the New Orleans House of Blues. Album Album page for Cities Cities at MusicBrainz

Chloƫ (Australian singer)

Chloë Jane Walton, who performed mononymously as Chloë, is an Australian singer-songwriter. She had a top 10 hit on the ARIA Singles Chart with her cover version of the Primitives' 1988 track, "Crash", in September 2005. Chloë Jane Walton, grew up in Melbourne with "an artistic family background." Her mother is a visual artist and her father is a writer and teacher. She was classically trained in voice. In 1997 she travelled to Vancouver, to continue studying music and taking up the guitar, where she "landed an internship at Nettwerk Records."Chloë's debut single, "Stars", was released in Australia on 24 September 2004 through Epic/Sony BMG and peaked at number 66 on the ARIA Singles Chart. It was co-written by the singer with Dan Petty, her debut album, Beyond Coming, was scheduled for release "early next year" but it did not appear. Ten tracks were recorded at the Garage studio, Los Angeles, with Paul Fox producing and guest musicians including Dorian Crozier on drums and Curt Schneider on bass guitar.

In September 2005 she released a cover version of the Primitives' 1988 track, "Crash", as her second single, which peaked at number 10

Current sense amplifier

Current sense amplifiers are special-purpose amplifiers that output a voltage proportional to the current flowing in a power rail. They utilize a "current-sense resistor" to convert the load current in the power rail to a small voltage, amplified by the current-sense amplifiers; the currents in the power rail can be in the range of 1 A to 20 A, requiring the current-sense resistor to be a resistor in the range of 1 to 100 mΩ. These amplifiers are designed to amplify a small "sense voltage" of 10 to 100 mV, in the presence of large common-mode voltages of 5 to 30 V. DC precision and high common-mode rejection ratio are distinguishing characteristics of these amplifiers; some current sense amplifiers measure current flowing in a single direction. Normal differential amplifiers and operational amplifiers powered between two power supply rails can only handle signals that lie between these two power rails. If a voltage outside the power supply rails is applied to the input, internal ESD protection diodes turn on, causing large currents to flow and damage these parts.

Specialised current-sense amplifiers, by contrast are designed so that, when powered from a low-voltage power rail such as VCC = 5 V and VEE = 0 V, they can withstand pin voltages much higher than VCC and much lower than VEE. These amplifiers use specialized ESD structures, their input stages are designed such that when the input common-mode voltage is much higher than VCC or much lower than VEE, the input amplifier stage powers itself from the input common-mode voltage instead of VCC orVEE. Examples of integrated current-sense amplifiers include INA240, INA293, LTC6101,MAX4080, AD8210,TS1100 and INA193. In special cases, no VCC pin is required to accomplish current-sensing. Differential amplifier Shunts Sense Amplifier Current Sense Amplifiers Information Guide Simplifying Current Sensing High-Side Current-Sense Measurement: Circuits and Principles Current-Sense Amplifiers Current Sense Circuits and Applications Current Sensor Overview

Muslim Jewish Conference

The Muslim Jewish Conference is an annual inter-cultural, inter-religious conference based in Vienna, Austria. MJC is a dialogue and leadership project that targets future leaders from sectors of economics and politics in the start of their careers; the first annual Muslim Jewish Conference has taken place from the 1st until the 6th of August 2010 at the University of Vienna.60 Jewish and Muslim students from all over the world with a common goal of establishing peaceful relations between both religions participated. The conference consists of discussion committees, guest speakers, open dialogue panels and social events; the second annual Muslim Jewish Conference takes place from 3 July until the 8 July 2011 in Kiew, Ukraine. The 2010 conference was split into three thematic committees: Islamophobia and Anti-semitism Education The role of MediaAdditionally, a group was introduced by the conference; this organization founded by a Rabbi David Goldberg in 2008 focuses on education for youth and adults in the Middle East.

The MJCii led groups in workshops in Education during the seminar. There are 15 Students working together on this project, bringing valuable experience and diplomatic skills to the team as well as expertise in cross cultural dialogue. Coming from eight different countries Austria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Turkey and the United States of America, the core team is well trained in interfaith communication; the Organisation Committee: Ilja Sichrovsky - Secretary General Ayse Cindilkaya - Vice Secretary General Andi Gergely - Head of Logistics Valerie Prassl – Head of Public Relations Arthur Resetschnig – Organization & Fundraising Anna Magnand – Head of Support Department Fatima Hasanain – Head of Committees and Content Asad Farooq – Head of Chairs Gulraiz Khan – Chair Dagmar Kusa – Chair Varghese Chakkummootil – Chair Yvonne Feiger – Chair Maryam Mohiuddin Ahmed - Chair Jane Braden-Golay - Chair Mustafa Jalil Qureshi - Chair Mounir Dadi - Chair Lisa Joskowicz – Advisor of Chairs Bacem Al-Jaziri - International Advisor Europe Ben Rosen - International Advisor North America Abdul Kareem Niazi - International Advisor Middle East Jacqueline Nowikovsky - International Advisor Eastern Europe Moussa Jamil - International Advisor Europe and Middle East Magdalena Kloss - International Advisor United Nations Rida Al Masri - International Advisor Middle East The Muslim Jewish Conference is endorsed by the United Nations' Alliance of Civilizations, the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the University of Vienna.

The project is financed by the Karl Kahane Foundation as well as by private donors. The first'Muslim Jewish Conference' found itself under the official patronage of the President of Austria, Dr. Heinz Fischer The 2010 members of the Honorary Committee: Patricia Kahane, President of the'Karl Kahane Foundation'. Rabbi Marc Schneier, Chairman of the World Jewish Congress American Section and President of The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding. Dr Michael Häupl, Mayor of Vienna Dr Alois Mock former Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister of Austria, former President of the International Democratic Union, founder of the Central European Initiative. Dipl Ing Dr Franz Fischler, former Commissioner of the European Union and former Federal Minister for Agriculture and Forestry in Austria, Expert on international food crises and development and Advocate of the UN Millennium Development Goals. Ibrahim Issa, Co-Director of Hope Flowers School, unique in the Palestinian territories in that it has a remarkable educational philosophy.

It has a special curriculum dedicated to peace, human rights, conflict-resolution and understanding as well as general topics such as women’s rights, democracy and other community concerns. Dr Zeynep Taluy-Grossruck, former Director of UNIDO, Private Sector Development Branch Rafi Elul, Advisor to the President of Israel for social and welfare matters, former Consultant to the Prime Minister of Israel in social and welfare matters, former member of the Israeli Parliament for eight years one of the youngest mayors in Israeli history at age 24. Prof Eveline Goodman-Thau, first orthodox female Rabbi and Founder of the ‘Hermann Cohen Academy’ in Buchen. Abbas Khider, award winning Iraqi-German writer. André Heller, Austrian Actor and Author. Mag Dr Jameleddine Ben Abdeljelil, Department of Near Eastern Studies - University of Vienna. Susanne Scholl, Austrian Journalist and Writer, former Head of the ORF-Bureau in Moscow. Josef Hader, Austrian Comedian and Actor. Grand-Rabbi Marc Raphaël Guedj is the President of the Geneva-based interreligious Foundation'Racines Et Sources', which brings Rabbis and Imams together to work for peace.

He is the former Chief Rabbi of Geneva’s traditional Jewish congregation. Rabbi Guedj is a member of the Editorial Committee of the World Congress of Imams and Rabbis for Peace at UNESCO. Dr Faouzi Skali is an ethnologist, he is the Initiator of the Mediterranean Institute for Dialogue Project and Director of the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music. Dr. Skali has coordinated a colloquium to follow the festival called Giving Soul to Globalization, a meeting place for humanitarians and international leaders in the business world to work together to develop more sp

Siegfried Grossmann

Siegfried Grossmann is a German theoretical physicist, awarded the Max Planck Medal, the major prize for achievements in theoretical physics. He was born near Königsberg in Prussia and educated at the Pedagogical High School in Berlin, where he graduated in teaching. Whilst training to be a teacher he studied physics and chemistry at the Free University of Berlin. In 1959 he became an assistant at the university to Günther Ludwig, a respected German theoretical physicist and was promoted to study the inelastic scattering of Hydrogen molecules, he qualified two years with a work on Quantum Mechanics and from 1963 worked as a conservator at Munich Technical University. In 1964 he obtained an extraordinary professorship at the University of Marburg, to which his mentor Ludwig had moved. In 1968 he was given a full professorship in theoretical physics, retiring in 1998, he is married with three children. He is considered one of the founders of chaos theory, his work on turbulence contributed to an understanding of the transition from laminar to turbulent flow.

He provided contributions to the description of a laser using nonlinear dynamics. With Stefan Thomae he produced a value for the Feigenbaum constant, he is one of the leading theoreticians in the fields of fluid dynamics and theory of turbulence, stochastic processes, phase transitions, laser physics, nuclear physics, transport theory, Bose-E instein condensation and the general statistical physics, as well as mathematical physics and functional analysis. In 1991 he was elected a member of the European Academy of Arts. In 1995 he was awarded the prestigious Max Planck Medal for outstanding achievements in the field of theoretical physics. In 2006 he received a doctorate from the University of Duisburg-Essen for his work on the theory of turbulence and non-linear dynamics. At the age of 85 he was still scientifically active, publishing research papers every year and giving lectures at conferences and seminars. Grossmann wrote over 200 publications in various fields of physics, he wrote two textbooks on the mathematical foundations of classical theoretical physics and quantum mechanics: Mathematical introductory course for physics.

Teubner, Stuttgart. ISBN 3-519-13074-2. Functional analysis with regard to applications in physics: Study book for students of physics and mathematics at universities and technical colleges. Aula Publishing House, Wiesbaden. ISBN 3-89104-479-8. Based on a translation of the equivalent article on German language Wikipedia