Chinameca (volcano)

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Chinameca stratovolcano is seen here from the SE near the summit of neighboring San Miguel volcano.
Highest point
Elevation 1,300 m (4,300 ft) [1]
Coordinates 13°28′41″N 88°19′48″W / 13.478°N 88.330°W / 13.478; -88.330Coordinates: 13°28′41″N 88°19′48″W / 13.478°N 88.330°W / 13.478; -88.330
Chinameca is located in El Salvador
Location in El Salvador
Location San Miguel Department, El Salvador
Mountain type Stratovolcano
Last eruption Unknown

Chinameca (also known as El Pacayal) is a stratovolcano in central-eastern El Salvador. It lies north of San Miguel volcano and rises over the town of Chinameca, the volcano is topped by a 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) wide caldera known as Laguna Seca el Pacayal, and a satellite cone on the west side, Cerro el Limbo, rises higher than the caldera rim. Fumaroles can be found on the north side, and it has been the site of a geothermal exploration program.[1]

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