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Flowers of Bangladesh24.jpg
The month of Choitro is known for colourful flowers in Bangladesh

Choitro (Bengali: চৈত্র) is the last month of the Bengali calendar.[1] It falls from mid-March to mid-April and is the last month of Spring (Bengali: বসন্ত Bôsôntô). The name of the month is derived from the star Chitra (চিত্রা Chitra).[1]


Traditionally this month is famous for what is called the "Choitro Sale" (চৈত্র সেল) when all shopping prices fall discounted (sale) all throughout the month. It is traditionally done in order to sell away all remaining products by the end of year, so that the Halkhata (হালখাতা), the new account book can be opened on the New Year's Day.[2][3]

Chaitra Sankranti is observed in the last day of the month and the last day of the Bengali Calendar,[4][5] it is celebrated more in rural areas than in urban areas, where it has celebrated for hundreds of years. It is the day before Pohela Boishakh and it more popular than Pohela Boishakh in rural areas.[6]


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