Chomsky (surname)

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Chomsky (Belarusian: Хомскі, Russian: Хомский, Ukrainian: Хомський, Hebrew: חומסקי‎, "from (Vyoska) Khomsk (nearby Brest, now Belarus)"[1]) is a surname of Belarusian-Ukrainian origin. Notable people with the surname include:

Elsie, William, Avram Noam, Carol, Marvin, and Aviva are all closely related. William and Elsie were husband and wife. Avram Noam, generally referred by his given name Noam, is their son. Carol and Noam were married until Carol's death in 2008; Aviva is their daughter. Marvin is Noam's cousin. Also, Judith is Noam's sister in-law.

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