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Classification and external resources
Specialty oncology
ICD-10 D16, D21
ICD-9-CM 213.9
ICD-O 9220/0
MeSH D002812
Multiple chondromata of fingers

A chondroma is a benign cartilaginous tumor, which is encapsulated with a lobular growing pattern.

Tumor cells (chondrocytes, cartilaginous cells) resemble normal cells and produce the cartilaginous matrix (amorphous, basophilic material).

Characteristic features of this tumor include the vascular axes within the tumor, which make the distinction with normal hyaline cartilage.

Based upon location, a chondroma can be described as an enchondroma or ecchondroma.

  • enchondroma - tumor grows within the bone and expands it
  • ecchondroma - grows outward from the bone (rare)

Treatment - best left alone - if it causes fractures (enchondroma) or is unsightly it should be removed by curettage and the defect filled with bone graft. [1]

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