Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple (El Greco, New York)

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Purification of the Temple
Artist El Greco
Year 1600
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 42 cm × 52 cm (17 in × 20 in)
Location Frick Collection, New York City

Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple is a 1595-1600 Christian art painting by El Greco, now in the Frick Collection.[1] It depicts the Cleansing of the Temple, an event in the Life of Christ.

There exist three other copies of the painting and also a faithful reproduction in the National Gallery in London, which has recently been considered as authentic by scholars in the field of visual arts.[2] Two versions and that other on loan from Madrid are titled Purification of the Temple. The one at the National Gallery in Washington is called Christ Cleansing the Temple.


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