Chrzanów (parliamentary constituency)

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12 – Chrzanów, located in the south of the country, covers the area to the south west of Kraków and to the south east of Katowice.

Chrzanów is an electoral district in Poland for elections to the Sejm, to which it elects eight members to the Sejm. [1]

It is located in the south of the country, centred on the city of Chrzanów, on the south-eastern outskirts of the Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia and the south-western outskirts of Kraków: respectively the largest and third-largest metropolitan areas in Poland. It covers five counties in the east of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship: Chrzanów, Myślenice, Oświęcim, Sucha, and Wadowice.[2]

List of members[edit]

Member Party
Zbigniew Biernat Law and Justice
Józef Brynkus Kukiz'15
Ewa Filipiak Law and Justice
Dorota Niedziela Civic Platform
Marek Polak Law and Justice
Marek Sowa Modern (political party)
Jarosław Szlachetka Law and Justice
Beata Szydło Law and Justice


Coordinates: 50°08′00″N 19°24′00″E / 50.133333°N 19.400000°E / 50.133333; 19.400000