Cinderella Meets Fella

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Cinderella Meets Fella
Merrie Melodies (Egghead) series
Cinderella Meets Fella title card.jpg
Title card
Directed by Tex Avery
Produced by Leon Schlesinger
Story by Tedd Pierce
Voices by Mel Blanc
Bernice Hansen
Danny Webb
Music by Carl Stalling
Animation by Virgil Ross
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date(s) July 23, 1938
Color process Technicolor
Running time 7 min
Language English

Cinderella Meets Fella is a Merrie Melodies cartoon released to theaters on July 23, 1938. This short was directed by Tex Avery. The short was written by Tedd Pierce and animated by Virgil Ross.[1]


The story starts out as normal, but Cinderella notices the Fairy Godmother is gone, so she calls the police, who find her in a bar. After some of Fairy Godmother's mixed up magic, Cinderella gets to the ball and finds Prince Charming (a.k.a. Egghead). They dance and have fun. The story continues as normal and when Prince Charming goes to Cinderella's house to return her glass slipper, he finds out she got tired of waiting and that she's in the third row of a "Warner Bros. picture show". Prince Charming cries until he finds out that Cinderella comes back and then they head off together to the tenth row.

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