Cinemax is an American premium cable and satellite television network owned by Home Box Office, Inc. Cinemax broadcasts theatrically released feature films, along with original series and special behind-the-scenes features; as of July 2015, Cinemax's programming was available to 21.325 million television households in the United States. Cinemax launched on August 1980 as HBO's answer to The Movie Channel. Cinemax was owned by Time-Life Inc. which merged with Warner Communications in 1989 to form the present-day WarnerMedia. Unlike HBO – and most cable and broadcast channels on the air at the time of its launch – Cinemax had broadcast a 24-hour-a-day schedule from its sign-on. On-air spokesman Robert Culp told viewers that Cinemax would be about movies, nothing but movies. At the time, HBO featured a wider range of programming, including some entertainment news interstitials, children's programming, sporting events and television specials. Movie classics were a mainstay of Cinemax at its birth, presented "all uncut and commercial-free" as Culp said on-air.

A heavy schedule of films from the 1950s to the 1970s made up most of the channel's program schedule. Cinemax succeeded in its early years because cable television subscribers had access to only about three dozen channels due to system headends at the time of Cinemax's debut being capable of carrying only a limited number of channels. Movies were the most sought-after program category among cable subscribers at the time, that Cinemax would show classic films without commercial interruptions and editing for time and content made the channel an attractive add-on for HBO subscribers. In many cases, cable providers would not sell Cinemax to customers who did not have a subscription to HBO; the two channels were sold as a package, were offered at a discount for subscribers that chose to get both channels. The typical pricing for a monthly subscription to HBO in the early 1980s was US$12.95 per month, while Cinemax could be added for between US$7 and $10 extra per month. In 1983, Time-Life Inc. filed a federal trademark infringement lawsuit against independent station KOKI-TV in Tulsa and its owners Tulsa 23, Ltd. over the use of the slogan "We Are Your Movie Star", which both the television station and Cinemax were using as their slogans at that time.

As additional movie-oriented channels launched on cable television, Cinemax began to change its programming philosophy in order to maintain its subscriber base. First, the channel opted to schedule R-rated movies during daytime slots. During the network's first decade on the air, Cinemax had aired some original music programming: during the mid-to-late 1980s, upon the meteoric rise in popularity of MTV, Cinemax began airing music videos in the form of an interstitial that ran during extended breaks between films called MaxTrax; the mid- and late-1980s saw the addition of a limited amount of series programming onto Cinemax's schedule including the sketch comedy series Second City Television and the science fiction series Max Headroom. Comedy specials were occasionally broadcast on the channel during the late 1980s, under the Cinemax Comedy Experiment banner, featuring free-form sketch and improvisational styles from various rising and established stand-up comics. Although its programming had diversified, Cinemax had foremost remained a movie channel.

In February 1988, the network premiere broadcast of the 1987 action-comedy Lethal Weapon became the highest rated telecast in Cinemax's history at that time, averaging a 16.9 rating and 26 share. By 1990, Cinemax limited its programming lineup to movies; however starting in 1992, Cinemax re-entered into television series development with the addition of adult-oriented scripted series similar in content to the softcore pornographic films featured on the channel in late night (such as the network's first original adult series Erotic Confessions, series entries such as Hot Line, Passion Cove, Ling

Walkers Heath Park

Walkers Heath Park is a park in South West Birmingham that covers 21 hectares nestled between the estates of Kings Norton and Druids Heath. The park has a basketball court, netball court and a tennis court with permanent tennis net as well as two sets of kickabout goals. There's a concrete table-tennis table; the Friends of Walkers Heath Park have organized volunteer efforts aimed at improving the park's grounds and facilities. Together with Catch22 and The National Trust, The Friends of Walkers Heath Park have planted new trees, added new seating and bins, cleaned out Chinn Brook that runs through the park, laid new hedges. A "Community Games" were held on the grounds to encourage local residents to use the renovated facilities. Several areas of the park are suitable for bicycling, including mountain biking. Partnership with Birmingham City Council - Active Parks Pilot. The'Leisure Centres Without Walls' aka'Active Parks' the pilot project is as follows: - a pilot project in 3 parks across the city of which Walkers Heath Park is one, where Birmingham City Council Sport and Parks teams are working with the Friends of Parks groups to deliver activities in parks and open spaces.

The programme will include a range of sports and other activities for families and individuals and will be run by staff and volunteers. If successful, it is hoped. Friends of Walkers Heath Park website

Ex Nihilo (comics)

Ex Nihilo is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Ex Nihilo first appeared in Avengers vol. 5, #1 and was created by Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opeña. Ex Nihilo was one of the Gardeners carried along with his sister Abyss as an egg by an Aleph. In accordance with their mission as creations of the Builders, Aleph taught them to transform into perfect creatures any species they encountered. Ex Nihilo and their Aleph arrived on Mars where they terraformed it to contain a breathable atmosphere and vegetation. After Ex Nihilo shot an Origin Bomb at Earth to accelerate the evolution of mankind, which affected two million people, the Avengers scrambled a response team. Not interested in fighting, Ex Nihilo tried to accelerate Iron Man's evolution so that he no longer needed an exoskeleton; when Black Widow and Hawkeye retaliated, Ex Nihilo attacked them. During the brawl, Ex Nihilo and the Aleph defeated the Avengers and imprisoned them. A helpless Captain America was sent back to Earth as a message.

Awakening three days Captain America implemented the Avengers initiative called "Wake The World" which initiated the team's most massive assemblage to date. Ex Nihilo's intervention started being "world-razing" for the Aleph which would force him to destroy the Earth if Ex Nihilo failed to polish this planet. Captain America and those that are part of the "Wake the World" initiative arrived as soon as Ex Nihilo's first human was developed, he and his allies fought the Avengers until they noticed the presence of the latest Captain Universe. Ex Nihilo and his allies recognized her as a power beyond them they must obey. Captain Universe ordered Ex Nihilo and Abyss to stop their crossing to transform and/or destroy "imperfect" worlds. However, the Aleph resisted and was destroyed by the heroine. Before returning to Earth, the Avengers established that Ex Nihilo could reform Mars as he pleased as long as he did not interfere with Earth. Ex Nihilo creates an artificial human, on the terraformed surface of the planet Mars.

After a fierce battle with the Avengers, Nightmask is taken to Earth and given residence in Avengers Tower. Nightmask and Star Brand head to Mars to confront Ex Nihilo. Omega Flight is sent in by Department H to investigate one of the Origin Bomb sites left by Ex Nihilo in Regina, Canada. Validator is changed by the Origin Bomb site while the rest of the Omega Flight members are killed in action; some children of the Zebra People in the Savage Land have gotten exposed to the Origin Site placed by Ex Nihilo and had been evolved by it. Ex Nihilo reveals that in the case of Earth, he did not just transform the life inhabiting it but attempted to rouse the consciousness of the planet itself. In a prelude to the Infinity storyline, Ex Nihilo, Abyss and Star Brand join the Avengers. After the fight against the Builders and Thanos, Ex Nihilo joins his brethren who endeavor to recreate life on worlds ravaged by the war of the Builders. During the Time Runs Out storyline, Ex Nihilo and his fellow Gardeners attempted to fix the decaying universe, the result of the contraction of the Multiverse.

Once on Earth, Ex Nihilo and the Gardeners were able to see its whole system and find that Earth has scars. They were offered by Sunspot a one-way trip to help his branch of the Avengers investigate the origin of this decay by using A. I. M. technology and travel across the Multiverse. Sunspot's Avengers branch traveled across numerous universes navigating the map left by the Mapmakers. After one last jump across universes that cost Nightmask's life, Sunspot's Avengers branch found themselves face to face with a fissure in time and space. From it, two Beyonders demanded the heroes to fall back. Upon denying their request, Sunspot's Avengers faced the Beyonders. In an attempt to reprogram one of the Beyonders, Ex Nihilo and rest of the Gardeners sacrificed themselves. Ex Nihilo has the power to create new life and modify existing life forms on a planetary scale like control the movement and growth of the plants and transform organic life. Ex Nihilo can fire energy blasts, exhale fire from his mouth, has advanced longevity.

In "What If... Thanos had joined the Avengers", Ex Nihilo appears with the Avengers fighting the Builders. Hasbro released an Ex Nihilo action figure as part of Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends line. Ex Nihilo at Marvel Wiki Ex Nihilo at Comic Vine