Città di Udine International Composition Competition

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The "Città di Udine" International Composition Competition is a competition held biennially in Udine, Italy. It takes place at the San Giorgio Theatre in Udine; since its foundation (1995) is organized by Taukay Edizioni Musicali. It is open to all composers, regardless of nationality or age. The competition is divided in two sections: "instrumental compositions for chamber orchestra" and "electroacustic music". The instrumental group is made up of: a string quartet (two violins, viola and cello), piano, flute (piccolo, alto flute and bass flute), clarinet (clarinet in E flat, clarinet in B flat, clarinet in A and bass clarinet), percussion instruments (vibraphone, glockenspiel, tom toms, suspended cymbals, tam tam, templeblocks, small percussion instruments such as triangle, wood blocks, maracas, etc.).


Prizes include:

  • Best composition in the section "instrumental composition for chamber orchestra" (cash)
  • Best composition in the section "electro-acoustic music" (cash)
  • Special Prize Piero Pezzè - in memory of the composer who died in 1980 (cash)
  • Special mention and medal of the Presidente della Repubblica Italiana
  • Special mention and medal of the Senato della Repubblica Italiana
  • Special mention and medal of the Camera dei deputati della Repubblica Italiana
  • Award of the Ministro della Gioventù della Repubblica Italiana to the best composer less than 30 years of age
  • Award of FIDAPA to the best female composer to incentivize the female presence in the competition

The best compositions entered are performed during the winning ceremony (San Giorgio Theatre in Udine) and recorded on compact disc.


Members of the jury have included:

Bernardino Beggio (Italy)

Michele Biasutti (Italy)

Philippe Blanchard (France)

Giovanni Bonato (Italy)

Edmund Campion (USA)

Fabio Cifariello Ciardi (Italy)

Marek Choloniewski (Poland)

Renzo Cresti (Italy)

Michele Dall'Ongaro (Italy)

James Dashow (USA)

Jean-Luc Darbellay (Switzerland)

Jurai Duris (Slovak Republic)

Bernard Fort (France)

Lucio Garau (Italy)

Dinu Ghezzo (USA)

Thomas Kessler (Switzerland)

Daniel Kessner (USA)

Yuji Itoh (Japan)

Salvatore Macchia (USA)

Javier Torres Maldonado (Mexico)

Özkan Manav (Turkey)

Flo Menezes (Brasil)

de:Harald Muenz (Germany)

Ivo Nilsson (Sweden)

Jane O'Leary (Ireland)

Guido Pipolo (Italy)

Nicola Sani (Italy)

Alexander Shchetynsky (Ukraine)

Marco Stroppa (Italy)

Robert Scott Thompson (USA)

Jesus Villa Rojo (Spain)

John Yannelli (USA)


Year Composer Nationality Title of the composition Section
2012 Germán Alonso Rodriguez Spain Badass octet Chamber music
2012 Daniel Blinkhorn Australia frostbYte cHatTer Electroacoustic music
2012 Andrea Mattevi Italy Punto-linea e nature morte Chamber music
2012 Massimo Lauricella Italy Fiabe, miti, magie Chamber music
2012 Joan Magrané Figuera Spain Madrigal (Musik mit Gesualdo) Chamber music
2012 Helga Arias Parra Spain Confluencias Chamber music
2012 Maxime Corbeil-Perron Canada Fragments Electroacoustic music
2012 Orestis Karamanlis Greece Toys Electroacoustic music
2010 Marco Marinoni Italy Del vuoto incanto Chamber music
2010 Admir Shkurtaj Albania Quartetto per archi n.2 Chamber music
2010 John Palmer Great Britain Transference Chamber music
2010 Gabriel Dufour-Laperrière Canada Plier-Déplier Electroacoustic music
2010 Tom Williams Great Britain Can Electroacoustic music
2010 Stefano Bonilauri Italy Coda 08 Chamber music
2010 Mauricio Meza Mexico Confabulation 1.7 Chamber music
2010 Kah Hoe Yii Malaysia Wild Cursive Chamber music
2008 Nicolas Tzortzis Greece Four flash fear Chamber music
2008 Paul Robinson Great Britain A Night in the Palace of Reason Chamber music
2008 Giancarlo Turaccio Italy A_notion Chamber music
2008 Felipe Otondo Chile Ciguri Electroacoustic music
2008 Paul Rudy USA In lake'ch Electroacoustic music
2008 Konstantinos Chizaris Greece November drops Chamber music
2008 Christian Winther Christensen Denmark From the perfect ground Chamber music
2008 Riccardo Panfili Italy In margine a un testo occulto Chamber music
2006 Patrick Odiard France Rhizome Chamber music
2006 Stefano Bulfon Italy Stultifera navis Chamber music
2006 Alastair Greig Great Britain Steering for dream Chamber music
2006 Raffaele Grimaldi Italy Visioni primitive Chamber music
2006 João Pedro Oliveira Portugal Spirals of light Chamber music
2006 Filippo Perocco Italy Continuo sospeso Chamber music
2006 Yu-Chung Tseng Taiwan SSScream Electroacoustic music
2004 Roberta Silvestrini Italy L’Acquata Chamber music
2004 Jean-François Laporte Canada Dans le ventre du dragon Electroacoustic music
2004 Per Bloland USA Dissent Chamber music
2004 Maxwell Dulaney USA Implosions Chamber music
2004 Barbara Magnoni Italy Omaggio a Schönberg Chamber music
2004 Jeffrey Roberts USA Skimming Chamber music
2004 Elisabeth Anderson USA Neon Electroacoustic music
2004 Yu-Chung Tseng Taiwan T.J.CHI Electroacoustic music
2002 Satoshi Ohmae Japan Altro Festone Chamber music
2002 Leilei Tian China Wu Chamber music
2002 Antti Sakari Saario Finland bullet train ballad n.1 Chamber music
2002 Marco Bertona Italy YGGDRASIL Chamber music
2002 Kee-Yong Chong Malaysia Four short Laments for X Chamber music
2002 Fabrizio Fanticini Italy Lagune oltre Kronos Chamber music
2002 Antonio Giacometti Italy Battito d'ali Chamber music
2002 Roberto Filoseta Italy Threnody Electroacoustic music
2000 Moritz Eggert Germany Croatoan I Chamber music
2000 Sergio Lauricella Italy Levis strepitus Chamber music
2000 Luigi Manfrin Italy Di nuovo seguendo le azzurre evanescenze del tempo Chamber music
2000 Paolo Rismondo Italy Quartetto per archi Chamber music
2000 Valerio Sannicandro Italy Dans un sentiment sourd et tumultueux Chamber music
2000 Francesca Virgili Italy Come un incantesimo Chamber music
2000 Diego Garro Italy Six dreaming Jewels Electroacoustic music
2000 Juan Manuel Marrero Spain Confidencias estéticas para tiempos trágicos Electroacoustic music
1998 Adrian Bamford Great Britain Guernica Chamber music
1998 Luca Belcastro Italy Las mariposas bailan... en la nada Chamber music
1998 Carlo Carcano Italy Piano, piccolo. Piccolo Chamber music
1998 Francesco Chiari Italy Come l'acqua di un lago trepida ti circonda Chamber music
1998 Jong-Woo Kim Korea String Quartet No.1 Chamber music
1998 Andrea Vigani Italy Graffiti I-IV Chamber music
1998 Linda Antas USA Still, Yet, Again Electroacoustic music
1998 Francis Dhomont France En Cuerdas Electroacoustic music
1996 Carlo Carcano Italy sss Chamber music (national edition)
1996 Cesare Gallo Italy D'approfondir le secret douloureux qui me faisait languir Chamber music (national edition)
1996 Luigi Manfrin Italy Coniunctio Chamber music (national edition)
1996 Walter Olmo Italy Quartetto per archi Chamber music (national edition)
1996 Vincenzo Pasceri Italy Sezionando Chamber music (national edition)
1996 Michele Sartori Italy Quartetto per archi numero 2 Chamber music (national edition)
1996 Andrea Cera Italy Trickster Museum Electroacoustic music (national edition)

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