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City View (also known as St. Claire Gardens) is a neighbourhood in College Ward in the west end of the city of Ottawa, Canada. It is located within the former city of Nepean.

Most of the homes were built in the 1930s-1940's. By the 2000s some of the home were demolished and built into new ones; and they still are today.

The area existed as a police village from 1954 to 1974. Its boundaries at the time were:[1]

  • North: the former Ottawa city limits (parallel to Baseline Road) to the north;
  • East: Clyde Avenue until its intersection with Merivale, then east to a line behind the homes on the east side Gibey Dr then south to Capilano Dr then west to Merivale then south to the southern boundary;
  • South: Norice St to Perry St to Meadowlands Dr;
  • West: The now in-filled creek behind the homes on the west side of Thatcher Street to David Dr and continuing east in a straight line past Withrow Avenue until what is now Lentini Way and then due north along the eastern boundary of what is now Algonquin College.

Despite being in a suburban part of the city, due to its older history, the neighbourhood is set up with a grid pattern of streets.

According to the Canada 2011 Census, the population of this area was approximately 3,321.[2] The neighbourhood is right next to Algonquin College, and contains Elizabeth Wynwood High School. It contains a number of small parks; St. Nicholas Park, Starwood Park, City View Park and Doug Frobel Park. The neighbourhood also contains the Nepean Museum. The City View Curling Club is on the other side of Merivale on Capilano Drive.


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