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Remains of the tower (between the statue base and the corner of the Pavia Cathedral).

The Civic Tower (Italian: Torre Civica) was a tower built in the Italian city of Pavia in the 11th century, next to Pavia Cathedral. Built to a rectangular footprint, it was 72 metres (236 feet) high.[1]

Between 1583 and 1585 the architect Pellegrino Tibaldi led works to add a room at the top of the tower to house the cathedral's bells, which it did until it was moved to a campanile of the Cathedral.[2]

On 17 March 1989, at 8.55 a.m., the Civic Tower collapsed, leaving 8,000 cubic metres (280,000 cubic feet) of brick, sand and granite rubble.[3] The collapse killed four people and injured fifteen,[4] it has not been rebuilt, though some elements from it are now on display at the city's Castello Visconteo.[2]


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Coordinates: 45°11′06″N 9°09′10″E / 45.18500°N 9.15278°E / 45.18500; 9.15278

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